Thursday, June 17, 2010

Simply Addictive, Even To The Personal Shopper!

This time around, I'll talk moree (and even moree later) about handbags. I know that there are lots of bagaholics out there. :)

There are total of 3 handbags and 1 wallet safely arrived in Malaysia last weekend. I am thankful for having such a great aunty who are willing to do the job for me by bringing it back to Malaysia for these 2 beautiful ladies. I actually aimed so that my aunty could bring back total of 5 items with her. But 2 of the customers didn't replied to me even untill the very last day of order (because I assumed that they have confirmed with their orders). And silly me, I have also rejected quite a few orders without even realizing that I still need more. So, I must be prepared for something like this to happen since I'll be taking more orders before 20th July :).

Yes ladies, just a short announcement to those who have been eyeing for any designer handbags (Mulberry bayswater, Chanel flap bag, Miu Miu Coffer, Burberry or even Longchamp) and would love to get them at a better price, InsyaAllah, I am able to get it for you. I have received a few inquiries regarding the bags, but still there are no confirmed orders. So, hurry up and dig into you wallet and start collecting $ for your raya (puasa nak dekat dahhhhh) arm candy! :)

Okaylah, without wasting anymore time. I present to you...

Gucci Sukey Medium with tan/brown trimming. Mengiurkannn! :p

And this is for the same lady that have ordered the Chanel (s) from me..

Prada Saffiano leather wallet in hibiscus.

Godaan sungguh! :p

p/s: You know where you can reach me :)

p/s/s: Prada, Miu Miu, Burberry, Mulberry and a few other stores akan start sale harini! Not really sure if it's for all items, but surely for handbags :p. Kalau ada yang nak I belikan today, just tweet me on my twitter or even better, send me a quick email (let me know your number as well, senang I call!) :p


dd said...

wah.. thats gucci look cute n nice.. how much eh the price kat sana....

cik jijah said...

wadddduhhh!! gucci sukey.. such a beauty.. issskkk.. if only i tadek priority lain skrg ni.. lama dah kirim dgn aida seketul.. isskk.. *drool*

Lady of Leisure said...

hi salam... :-)
nice blog u have.. i link u too yeah... got to balik kampung now, will khatam your blog balik nanti.. i loveee your entries on holiday esp when u r in rome.. brought back a lot of memories to me heheh... keep blogging dear...
btw, love the gucci!!

yaNa MaLeK said...

prada tu looks yummy the color itself..yup sukey mmg best :P i have it with black je rasmi last week..

cepat2 order ngn Aida :D

CikChelsea said...

tahan nafsu, tahan nafsu...fuh fuh fuhhhh

Anonymous said...

kalau for coffer how much ya?

reena said...

Gucci Sukey.. Hmm..I cam love-hate kat Sukey ni. Sat cam suka, sat cam tak suka. I don't really like that kind of handle. I selalu sakit bahu kalau bag handle camtu esp kalau bag berat. I dah la bawak batu kalau keluaq. Tapi cam cantik gak sukey ni.

ileena said...

aida!nak tahu the sukey!:)hehe.
i shall need to compare it with the one in Moscow.

Aida Narina said...

dd: I think the best colour for sukey will be in tan/brown or white trimming! simply menggugat jiwa lara kan? :p It's around RM2600 here :)

cik jijah: aggaaa, jangan risau cik jijah. sebenarnya aida akan ke uk semula for alan's graduation this january. Settle your thing first, then boleh still kirim by january :)

Lady of leisure: Yes, Rome was so beautiful kan? And it left me with such good memories. Out of all destinations, Rome and Granada are the two places I love the most. Ops, ada lagi satu, Lake Como in Italy! Sangat romantika :p

yana: wow, black trimming sebab taknak kotor eyh? :) Cantik juga black, and menawan :p

Cikchelsea: Hhehe, I loveeee you neverfull! Tak apa, next time perhaps? :)

Anon: It is RM4800 :) Tak silap I, in pounds it is 950pounds :)

Reena: hhehe, comel lah u ni reena. Bila bawa sukey, jangan lah bawa berat2 sangat. Tapi, since it will be used most of the time (and bukan untuk certain2 occasion sahaja), mesti akan dump barang lebih kan? Aish, same here..

Ileena: hyeee dear. It is RM2600 here in the UK :) Hope that helps dear..

Hanafedora said...

Hey aida! u have bought all ur dream things before u gone home for good? I remembered u told me that u need teman :) I'll be happy if u need girls with u.. Just give me a ring ok :)

Oh yes. Duit :)I want :) But still lets hang out for last time before u go! pronto. Just us girls! that'll be great :)

mJ said...

what about prada wallet in hibiscus tu & LC long handle in large, brp RM? akak kena intai wallet dulu & kira2 budget...if cukup, akak nk kirim...kalau tak sekarang mungkin later2 on...*malu*

adlina naim said...

wow sgt menggoda...eehehehe

anyhoo, im having a promo at my up to check it out...;)

Farah . 5577 said...

wah aida,cantiknye gucci tu.. kalau i jd u pun mesti cair n tergoda... :)

syon said...

salam..kalo sukey leather medium guccissma tu pula,berapa harganya?ade ke color brown?let me know k