Saturday, June 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

So, entry harini ni I tak letak pics, yes not even one. *Bosan* hehehe..

I just got back to Southampton, need to settle a few things, start packing (even though lambat lagi nak balik), and play with my friend's cats - Beba, Ziffey, Dino, Jojo and bukan Dino (what a name, bukan Dino!) Hhehee. Actually we named her Bukan Dino because we ran out of names. In her early days, I called him Julia (what a fancy name). But then since I'm only interested with one cat (Dino it is) in particular, so I neglected the others - I'm bad, I know! Theheeee. Ampun kan aunty Aida ye kucing2. By the way, the best part is, Mama Dino (Bebalisya) sedang pregnant, and Dino akan dapat adik! Hurrayyy :p Hopefully this time around Beba will have white kittens so that I can reserve one for myself. Hhahaa. Tapi mahal lah harga kucing Maine coon ni! Boleh reach up to 300pounds! Belum lagi kene quarantine and injections before boleh bawak balik to Malaysia. Tiket kapal terbang lagi. Adus, mahu-mahu 5oopounds melayang..

Okay mengarut terlebih banyak pula..

This Monday I start buat part-time work - something that I've already did for the past 3 years just during Summer. So, despite the need for money (untuk tabung Mini Cooper S kami), I might also need that to kill the time (and do some work out too because the work requires lotsa energy!). Yelah, I pula tak minat bola, sincerely I don't have the passion for football. Kalau tennis I layan. Kalau renang berirama I layan (Olimpik ke). But not football. I enjoy a thing about football sebab this one time me, Alan and a few other friends pegi tengok match (friendly je, bukan WC ke apa) at Emirates Stadium during summer. It was a fun thing to do because it felt good to see others with such high spirits just to see people kicking a ball and what a good sunny weather that is on that day! All I did was put my sunglasses on and chillex. :p

This time around, I might not be able to do it again since the WC is still on. Humphh, maybe kitorang pegi theme park jelah, naik rides. :p

Nothing much for this weekend I think. I might go for a jog today and tomorrow, run some errands, pack scarves (thanks ladies for the purchases! - Monday morning ada new updates, as I'll be releasing a whole new scarves! Yippie :)). And then what else? Movie marathon laaaa :)

p/s: Happy wedding weekend to friend of mine, Maya who just got married yesterday :) Happy for you and I felt really bad because I wasn't able to attend your special day. :( Sobsss..Nak balik..



Lady of Leisure said...

u too have a nice weekend..

Aida Narina said...

lady of Leisure: Happy-happy weekend to you :)

Mrs Imran said...

u still kt UK eh? i thot dah balik hari tu?

Aida Narina said...

mrs imran: end july baru balik dear :)