Sunday, June 13, 2010

London Paddington and Souvenirs Hunting

I was planning to update at least once in three days, but I am caught up with things for the last couple of days. As soon as my aunty and the family (which are on holiday in the UK) got back from Manchester, I've spent every single day from the 7th - 12th June with them in London. Seronok juga ada keluarga at this time of year when you don't actually have anything to do :p

11 family members (including aunty and uncle from Shah Alam with 3 cousins, and aunty and uncle from Singapore with 2 cousins plus another 2 cousins) stayed in a Hotel around Paddington station, so on the 7th June I joined them for a visit to the souvenir stores around Paddington.

Half of the clan - 6 cousins and my aunty at the far right :)

Dearest aunty and cousin bergambar at Paddington underground.

Cousins - Anisah (top) and Adlina (bottom) with their London snow globes :p

I never actually did my souvenirs shopping in Paddington, as the shops in Bayswater area always offer quiet reasonable price for keychains, fridge magnets and such. To those who are hunting for souvenirs with lesser price, do visit the Bayswater shops as you won't be disappointed with what the shops can offer you. Plus the Malaysian Hall canteen is just nearby which offers varieties of Malaysian food in case you already missed food back home on your very first day visiting London :p.

I always brought back souvenirs for siblings, cousins and aunties and in fact I guess almost every single year (for the last 4 years) during my summer holiday. They seems to enjoy every single souvenirs that I brought back for them :p. For example this one time my bro got a T-shirt which says "My sister went to London, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt". So cute! :p

Ini kalau your boyfriend lah went to London :p

And since I'm going back for good this July, I might as well get the souvenirs for myself and Alan also can get me one of the "My boyfriend went to London and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"! :p


reena said...

July ehh? Agak2 sempat tak kalau i nak pesan barang?

P/S: Yang brooch hari tu tak jadi la :p

Baiti Mustafa said...

hi aida!

i bought my london souveniers at paddington. very cheap! siap ada tulis kat pintu masuk "if you are malaysian, pls come inside for further discount" boleh??

nampak sangat la mesians dok borong jek kejenya..

waNny said...

i beli this T's for my bf time i g sana.. hahaha .. cuma it say "My Girlfriend went to London and all i get is this lousy tshirt " :D

Moose said...

my fiance gave me that t-shirt when he went to london! haha. by the time i went there, we already broke up so i didnt have to but the same t-shirt (with different wording of course) to him. hehe.

nurul said...

aha, time i pegi london aritu i bought the t-shirt "my girlfriend went to London and all i get is this lousy tshirt" utk tunang i (at that time my bf la..hehe)..haha...he simply love it sebab cute gile!

plus murah pulak tu..hehe..

rindu london sangat2.. :)