Sunday, June 06, 2010

From 31 Rue Cambon Paris With Love


Semalam all I did to kill the time was went shopping. And this time around I experienced a new thing I've never did before....

Membeli-belah di sini....

These handbags are for a lovely lady who ordered a Chanel PST Black GHW and Chanel GST Beige SWH. My aunty who is visiting me cum holiday will bring these bags for her to Malaysia in about less than 10 days time :)

Love the White Camelias attached on the ribbons - classy :p

The 2010 edition of the Chanel PST Black - around RM5k

The first time I knew about the existence of this bag was from K. nana's blog. And a bit later after that I received an email from someone which I can call a friend asking for a help to get this beauty for her. But as I held the bag yesterday for the first time, it looked a bit different. Yes, the exterior has slightly changed! The CC signature logo of Chanel on the front of the bag is now stitched onto the caviar leather itself whereby the old PST/GST have the CC logo from another cut of the leather and stitched onto the bag. Plus, the new eyelets where it hold the chains have the engraved of the home of Chanel, 31 Rue Cambon Paris which is totally lovely!

Engraved of "31 Rue Cambon Paris"

And for a comparison..
The previous design of Chanel PST Black GHW taken from K. Nana's blog :)
Both are stunning!

Another lovely piece ordered from the same friend. :)
Chanel GST Beige SHW - 1475 pounds (around RM7500-7600)
Kat KL harga nya around RM9k! What a huge price difference kan..

To those who are interested in getting one, I still have 2 extra spaces for orders. Final order will be on the 9th June (Wednesday). Any enquiries, just email me at tau? :) Nak order handbag lain pun boleh. I'll find out the price for you :)

Some have asked for the price for jumbo (XL) and maxi jumbo (XXL) in caviar and lambskin. So, I've asked the nearest boutique for the prices:
Jumbo (XL) flag bag -
Caviar: 1920pounds (RM9600)
Lambskin: 2100pounds (RM10500)

Maxi Jumbo (XXL) flap bag -
Caviar: 2135pounds (RM10675)
Lambskin: 2295pounds (RM11475)

Petite Shopping Tote (PST) -
Caviar: 960pounds (RM4800)

Grande Shopping Tote (GST) -
Caviar: 1475pounds (RM7400)

*prices are directly quoted from the Chanel boutique.

p/s: I heard that Chanel will increase their price up to 25% by 1st July 2010! Ain't that crazy?

p/s/s: I'm doing this shopping on behalf of other people, and I'm truly enjoying it! :) Hihii..


Blossom inch said...

love the bags babe...xoxo

:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

owh i sooo wish i can have another chanel before july...mmg itchy sangat tangan nie...
tp jelingan mr.doc lagie i takut...hahahaha

Nana said...

hehehe bestkan shopping kat Chanel! You gi beli kat mana? Harrods or sloane or bond? Kalau next time gi ke Harrods! You get points :D easier to get tax rebate as well. :D

The added features in the PST cost an extra 225 pounds! heheheh!! I beli dulu 735 pounds! hehehehehe!!! nasib baik dulu dah beli..

Anonymous said...

babe,do u have any idea how much is the chanel jumbo flap bag in london?errr i mean the latest price, since u went there yesterday.. :-)

btw i am your silent reader..

lisa xxx

Aida Narina said...

blossom inch: me too :p

Aida Narina said...

ladyverde: tuhla, i rasa nak tersedak dengar diorang nak increase the price by 25%. nampak nya masa i mampu beli, harga nya dah almost double kan :p. alamak jelingan mr doc merbahaya lah verde, harus ditahan rasa nak beli. Tapi i feel u, all the chanel bags are so lovely and classy. Suka quilted2 itu...:)

Aida Narina said...

nana: I beli kat old bond st, tuhla at that time ada kat oxford st, tuh yang terus ke bond st je. Alamak, ada points ke kat Harrods. Cepat, siapa2 mahu kirim lagi, hihii :p

Tuhla, that's a huge price difference kannn? almost 200pounds, but nasib baiklah dia tukar sikit exterior design. Kalau tak mesti jealous dengan u dapat harga best.. :)

Aida Narina said...

Lisa: hye lisa..yup, the price is 1920pounds (RM9600) for caviar and 2100pounds (RM10500) for lambskin :). Let me know if anything, I'm ready to get it for you hihii..

The Queen Bee said...

i rasa nak order je.. gst blackk ekekek

Aida Narina said...

hanis: boleh hanis, do drop me a line at :) hehee :)

reena said...



Kalau macam ni, bila i mampu beliiiiii????!!!!!

*Lari pi baru belah batu bertangkup*

trendymuslimah said...

salam ziarah

:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

babe...check ur email :D

Anonymous said...

Rasa mcm torture plak tgk handbag yg makin mahal ni. Makin jauh byg-byg handbag chanel dlm pandangan mata ini. Wuwuwuuuuuuuu.

Babe,u should get one. Sblm naik harga ni. :p


Aida Narina said...

reena: hehe, jom kita lari sama2 pi betu belah batu bertangkup. by the time masa kita sampai, entah2 dah beza 30-40%, aiyakk :p

Aida Narina said...

trendy muslimah: salam :)

lady verde: checked dear :). Thanks for the reply, hihi..

Aida Narina said...

pika: tau takpe pika. coco chanel pun dah lama takde, tapi harga barang2 nya makin ari makin kalah nak beli satu keta. stakat masuk kedai, bau2 je boleh le..nakkkkkkk satuuuuuu..hurm, abang alannnn, nak satuuu chanel, hahaaa :p hadiah saja-saja..

mJ said...

cantik giler! kalau ikutkan hati mmg nak rembat...tpi kemahuan ada, kemampuan yang takde...hehehe

btw, kak haida beautifulabrahyn nih...akak dah change url to

exchange link ye...thanks

:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

tuan blog puney bile nak reveallllllllll! :D

snowiffy said...

babe, i think i still prefer d old version of gst kot cos chanel hv to spent more on d xtra leather fr CC logo stitched on the existing one rather than d latest yg main stitch je on d d existing ...anyhow they repay bck by having d 31 rue cambon engraved on it..kira win-win idea la kot...engrave n xtra leather mana lebih mahal? hehehe *sure diaorg nk cost saving ni...harga makin naik quality brg makin kemut..*just my 2 cents la* nways...PEACE!

chenxii said...

I received several emails about the Cambon tote bag. Another classic bag from Chanel and simply