Sunday, May 16, 2010

You Bring The Best Out Of Me

It's 6.30pm when I started writing this entry (just had mee goreng mamak and mango juice!) :p. I slept all the way in the afternoon because I slept so late last night after having a heart-to-heart talk with a guy friend which I've known for 12 years. There are so much to talk about with this very little time. Exams are just in 10 days time and we couldn't be anymore nervous since this will be our very last semester.

We talked a lot about life, what have we achieved for the past few years, what will happen in 3 months time when we are back to Malaysia for good and etc. There are so much memories happened in 4 years time. The same goes when you are in a relationship with someone, you tried your best to change things around so that you'll suit each other. You learned from each other's best and as time passes by, you realized that you have ventured a lot of things together. Those are the kind of memories you reminisce - about someone/ a place and an event.

Anyway, I received this comment on my facebook profile today from one of my friends I known back in primary school, nana.

This just made my day even gloomier.. We lost the best teacher we ever had when we were just as little as 7 years old last February (which I just figured today!). Mr Vincent thought me Music, thought me how to play the instruments when I joined the band, showed me the right way to be a better singer when I joined the choir, thought me and the others Handball lessons, and been the best Scouts teacher I ever had. We had a good student-teacher relationship and I must admit that I am one of his favourite students. I've been elected as the Scouts leader by him which leaved to unfavourable thoughts by others. "Kenapa perempuan kene jadi leader kan?" I selalu tersenyum bila I mengadu kat Mr Vincent about this. He just said that I'm the best for that position even the boys can't seem to beat me.

There's truth behind all that..And I figured, maybe it's him and how he thought me that made me a better person...He brings the best out of me and HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY TO YOU MR VINCENT..

On the other hand, mum also has been the best teacher to me and my 4 brothers. In fact she is/was also a real teacher to probably hundreds/thousand of students for 20 years now. On behalf of your students, I wish you HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY MUMMY :)

and HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to all the teachers who are reading this blog :) You guys rock!

Off to library at this hour till 2am maybe :p


DaZzlingLilLy said...

aida..gud luck for your final exam...

fizamior said...

ur mum sooo sweet... mcm u jugak ;P

BeMiE said...

setuju apa yg fizamior cakap tu.. heheh

cik jijah said...

u look like ur mom!! ehh.. study nak exam ehhh? good luck sweetie..

qaseh said...

learn from all the past memories....kita akan lebih menghargainya