Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Viva Voce Or Viva Las Vegas?

Fuhhhhh..Alhamdulillah yeayyyy I dah habis 2 viva in 1 week!! What a Superwoman I am! :p

Perasaan? Penat sangattttt (sampai harini masih penat) dan lega :p. Viva (atau bahasa mat saleh nya presentation yang I tahu) is a compulsory thing for every final year Masters Degree students. Kalau siapa-siapa yang lucky enough (ho-ho lucky sangat!) dapat dua project so ada lah dua viva, kalau yang tak lucky enough dapat satu project, so satu jelah viva. I had 2 vivas since I opted for less subjects in my final year thus hamik kau padan muka sendiri dapat 2 projects in 1 year *_*. At first I thought having less subjects bermaksud less commitments. Tapiiii, jauh panggang dari pulut panggang sebenarnya..

So harini I nak bebel about the 2 projects that I did for the last 7 months. Maybe harini or lusa I still ingat apa yang I dah buat for these two projects, tapi mana tau 2-3 tahun (chehhh, fast-forward betul kannn) lagi dah lupa and tiba-tiba nak reminisce the old memories..:p So ladies, siapa-siapa yang nak join all the serious stuffs, hop on my Mini Cooper :p :p

It started back in October 2009. All of the final year students were briefed for their final year projects. That's when I met my group mates for the 2 projects for the very first time (as a team). Group A is for the Group Design Project, and Group B is the Multi-disciplinary Project. Actually all of my group members are guys :p Group A consists of 4 Mat Saleh, 1 Indian and 1 Chinese Malaysian, Group B consists of 2 Mat Saleh. The are all so nice and all. Biasa lah, baru jumpa. As time passes by and workloads are piling up from week 1, masing-masing stress la macam harem.

Group A
Lupa nak cakap, untuk this particular group, we did something about renewable energy. The title is ''Theoretical and experimental investigation of a wave energy extraction device". It was kind of a hot project as UK government is expecting to produce 40% of energy through renewable energy production itself by 2020. There are many methods to achieve renewable energy, from wind, solar, nuclear and as well as from wave (ombak). Yup, ombak di lautan jangan di kata tenang ye kawan-kawan :p. Actually, this is a recent big project by Trident which has allocated billion of pounds for marine renewable energy technology. But since they did not published any papers or research findings publicly, we need to start the research from scratch. Kene design the structure of the model including the buoy using CAD both 2-D and 3-D plus the analysis of the structure using Ansys (Okay dah mula merapu mesti ramai yang tak faham). Kene buat analysis on the scaled model and the full-scale model. Kene build scaled model which involved machining and building in the EDMC (Engineering and design manufacturing centre) then test in the tank test using waves produced by machines. Kene verify experimental results with the theoretical results..Hoho, by the time I type benda2 ni semua, kepala pun turut pening..

Tepek satu gambar untuk kenang-kenangan di hari tua..
This is the model taken from Trident itself.

I particularly assigned myself to be the wave master. Kind of wave analyst la. This kind of position is important to analyse any potential location in the UK that could maximize the extraction of energy from the wave. This includes understanding the wave itself (which follows statistical/probabilistic measure). Actually yang pro for this kind of thing are the ship science students. So, as a Mechanical engineering student, it was rather a bit difficult for me to absorb new thing sebab I expect more advanced and technical stuffs in the final year rather than learning a whole new thing. But as time progressed, Alhamdulillah not baddd! :p

Group B
As for this subject, I was supposed to work with 2 other British guys. But one of them (say C) received a terrible news - his father passed away 2 months after he just started his term. So, he kind of has been missing in the meetings for quite a longgggggg time. All of his work was covered by the two of us and we were running nuts since double work means double stress. All I can say that this team didn't turned up as what I have expected. Working with the other member (say D) has been turning myself upside-down! As we progressed (after C has been missing), I had the most horrible time in my life. Yup, working with someone yang keras kepala macam batu memang susah..I tak tahu apa yang dia nak. Bila-bila I ada idea lain and bagi suggestion, dia akan cari problems and limitations to that ideas and took it for granted. It was heart-breaking to know that you have ended up with an Alien from the moon! So, I'll not talk any further about D as well as C since he already quit the course last month..

What we did for this project was something about "reducing CO2 footprint of Computational Engineering Department University of Southampton by using a technology called XEN". XEN is actually a familiar software used for virtualisation of computers. This technique of trap-and-emulate is one of the efficient way to use computers on top of each other thus preventing any wastage of energy. Okay, untuk project ni kalau I cakap banyak mana pun I pula yang end up tak akan faham. Understanding XEN itself is quite a pain-in-the-bons! Belum lagi nak install. Dahla I ni tak celik mana bab-bab IT. Even to someone who is already familiar with XEN. Misi project ni nak galakkan small to medium size offices untuk guna software ini nak kurangkan CO2 emissions. Tapi sumpah I tak galakkan guna XEN! Hahahaa..Jangannnnn!! (Evil laugh!). Maksud I guna other alternatives lah such as shut down the computers, guna power saving mode, buat dia hibernate ke or alternative to XEN is guna Microsoft Virtualization - easy to install and user-friendly. Mari ramai-ramai we save the earth from global warming and climate change. Tahu tak last year Wilkins ice shelf kat Antartic dah broke apart? Maksudnya dunia dah terlalu panas sampai ice shelf yang selama beribu-ribu tahun beku dan keras dah pecah berderai..Now, tutup komputer sekarang! :p

Yang paling best tentang project ni sebab supervisor I yang mencadangkan guna XEN for virtulisation while second assessor pertikaikan kenapa tak guna Microsoft yang lagi simple and mudah sebab dia buat million dollar projects for Microsoft, so bergaduh lah mereka masam-masam muka, hahhaa! Tak laratttt :p

Selamat tinggal projectssssssss!! >_<

Okaylah, dah buka pintu kereta, dah boleh turun kereta Mini Cooper ku :p


:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

yeap even malaysia looking into renewable energy at the moment...been into few projects previously which is still clasified as confidential...taktau fly ke tak...hahhahaha

Aida Narina said...

I sokong renewable energy! :p I rasa Malaysia banyak potensi, as we have all the experts. Rasanya O&G companies in pun banyak concentrate on renewable energy as part of the energy productions kan? Belajar benda2 camni banyak buka mata I about certain things :p Malaysia boleh, hihii

fizamior said...

wah! giler tabah buat 2 projek.. i dulu buat 1 projek jek pun dah semput..huhuhuhuhu......

congrats darling! Malaysia boleh! Aida pun boleh! ;P

Aida Narina said...

fiza: hahaa, kene tabah kan ajaa fiza sebab I ngade2 sangat pilih theme yang ada less subjects :p Sekarang tinggal nak kumpul tenaga untuk belajar jeee :p exam lagi 2 weeks! :p

miralatiff said...

rase lega sangat bila dah habis final project kan?? rase macam dah lepas satu beban yg bersarang kat kepale selame setahun...Anyway, it is really a good project aida!

Aida Narina said...

mira: masyaAllah, lega sangat mira. Now nak concentrate study je sebab 1st paper in another 2 weeks..:) Mira pun kene tabah, lagi 3 weeks je dapat jumpa emir :)