Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reminiscing The Old Happy Memories

Salam pretty ladies :). Sorry for the missing in action as the old lappy decided to 'take a rest' and I hope she'll wake up very soon :p. It is still not the right time to change to a new one.. :p

By the way, hurray I am officially now on my 4 weeks Easter Holiday. But, it seems like I'll need to cut it short to just 1-week due to the Uni workloads that are due soon. Sedih kan? I did not felt this busy for the past years of my Masters Degree. Usually I have a list of things to do or places to visit.

Easter Holiday is the most awaiting holiday out of others. I remembered the time I went to Italy during my second year at University. It was with 3 other friends and was the most memorable Easter Holiday I had so far. We started with Milan then to Lake Como (where we captured the stunning view of the mountainous Alps) then straight to Venice (which is the sinking city) then to Florence and from there we went for a day trip to the leaning tower Pisa then straight down to Rome. It was a successful low-budget trip planned by the 4 of us and gave us all the valuable experiences we ever needed..

First stop: Lake Como.
Us facing the stunning view of Alps.

With my dearest friend, Buna :)

2nd stop: Milan (not for shopping)

3rd stop: Venice the sinking city

With the masque which I've bought in Venice.

4th stop: Florence (or Firenze)

5th stop: The leaning tower Pisa

Group picture :)

6th stop: Rome (this is when we visited the Colosseum)

In front of the Vatican City entrance

Ingat lagi yang trip the to Italy only costs me total of 450pounds (around RM3000 at that time). At first I set the budget just to 300pounds (Inclusive plane tickets, inter-city trains, hostels/hotels, food and souvenirs). But then, just as soon as I reached Venice, every single souvenirs are so beautiful and turned me into a greedy 'monster'. Banyak sangat souvenirs yang rugi kalau tak beli including the masque (bought for 30euros), muranos necklaces and bracelets and fridge magnets too! Then, the spending expended even more when we reached Florence! Girls being girls, we enjoyed spending on the cute accessories :p

Owh, I missed those moments. We had Seafood spaghetti at a restaurant just next to Pisa, took the Gondola ride with the view of green sea water in Venice, enjoyed the ride to top of a hill in Lake Come and viewed the most stunning view of icy Alps and yes, experienced the historical city of Vatican (masa tu diorang siap ada event Pope-pope datang bermensyuarat).

I encourage to those who been wanting to visit Italy and still having thoughts about it, please not wait any longer. I heard that Venice will sink any moment now :p

p/s: Nampaknya cuti Easter this year I tak kemana :p


aS_c0mei said...

bestnye jalan2!!nak jugak pegi Italy!hehehe...kalau dah pompuan tu,mmg takleh nak bajet duit la.mesti akan over limit.wakakakaka

reena said...

Takutnya tengok air kat Lake Como tu. Bergelora.

Lea Shmea said...

venice will sink soon??! really??
alaaa tk sempat la nk pegi camtu. by the time i have the chance to go to italy, it'll be like the year 2030 or something. hey btw, that mask is.. unique!! hehe.

Moose said...

i miss italy! i think it's the best places/country i've visited so far! and i'm madly in love with florence. unfortunately we didnt get to spend much time in florence, sebab ter'over' spend time dekat pisa. jalan2 malam tu je and most of the shops and attraction places are already closed at night. during our 1 week trip to italy, we spend about 500eu for everything! budget travelers gile la..

i wish both fiance and i could go back and visit florence..

fizamior said...

gambar dolu2 eyh nih... erm, nmpak kurus... ;P oopss! jgn marah aaaaa..... bestnya pegi venice.. actually sejak dari sekolah dulu cita2 adalah nk pergi italy and jumpa dgn one of the italian footballer named inzaghi.. hahahahaha... mmg smpai sekarang blm lg tercapai :))

DaZzlingLilLy said...

bestnyer gi jalan2..entah bila la i nak sampai ke europe sana..

durra abd razak @ kocikin... said...

chek aida...
sama laa kita...x g mana2 easter nie..huhu...tengah kemas2 rumah nak pindah nie...nak kena organize gak laa mcm aida ;)

Nur said...

nice post gals.. take care

Nur said...

oh yes sweety, sudi2kan ambik award d blog kak nur.

nuRuL said...

aidaaaa rindu jugak that easter! :(

tgk gamba lake como tu still tringat cuak nye kalau kite tjatuh dlm air tu, bley nampak kot cam menggila ombak die huhu.

oh and lagi rindu bile pk dah xmuat dah jacket tu now hahahaha teruk taakkkk ;p

u have fun girl! pegi gak bjalan2 though dekat2 je pun okay, release tension dulu before smbg blaja balek.

take care!

Anonymous said...

buna tu budak soton ke?mcm kenal je..apa nama penuh dia budak cardiff?..hahaha..pening2..

cik jijah said...

waaahhhh.. bila nak smpi italy tak tau lah... m'sia pun tak abis cover lagik.. hehehehee..

adieha said...

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sweet maniac said...

great pictures ! seems like you are having a wonderful life there. bila laa nk smpai Italy hehe :)

btw, thanx for dropping by my blog dear :) Are you still on holiday down there?? If yes, Happy Holiday !! :)

Anna Ismail

Ami said...

suke italy jugak!tapi i baru sampai florence+pisa jer,florence ade designer outlet yg best,so stuck kat situ lame giler even bukan beli byk pon hihi.venice+rome bile ntah nak sampai sob sob

CT FATIHAH said...

bestnyer~~~mcm nak pegi duit takder uwaaaaaa ;-(((