Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Loaf Of Contentment :)

Hello ladies :)

Have you ever cleaned you make-up brushes?
I've never did! I will use the brushes over and over again and will chuck them away whenever I feel like it's time to buy a new one.

Do you know the efficient way to clean em' quick and cheap?
I do! (Hihii)
(Okay, kalau i tak tengok Michelle Phan punya video, i pun tak akan tau too! :p)

I would like to confess that my love towards having a nice looking face be it to go out to the Uni or out and about with my friends have grown bigger and better these days. It's not that my face is not nice, but I felt that having a flawless, glowing, bright face could make it up to everything bad that will happen on that day :). Don't you think so?

But, recently I figured out that I often had breakouts and it made me jump into a conclusion that my skin must be allergic to a certain make-up. Little that I know, the brushes that I've used to apply the concealer or the loose powder (over and over again) have been the main contribution to my problem. Did you realized that the oil, sebum and everything came from your face all trapped on the dirty brush?

So when I had the chance to try Michelle Phan's tips on how to clean the make-up brushes, I realized that in a week my face is free from breakouts. Isn't it amazing? :) Now, let's see how we can get the
squeaky clean brushes under the guide of MP..

Here goes my small collection of make-up brushes.
Basic but much needed :)

We need - Anti-bacterial dishwashing soap, extra virgin olive oil and a plate/bowl.
(And don't forget, the brushes too! Haha..)

1) Combine dishwashing soap and extra virgin oil.
Stir the brush in a circular motion in the bowl &
Wipe it back and forth on your palm.
You'll see that the dirt from applying the make-up can
easily be removed straight away!
4) Last but not least,
wash it under the cold tap water.


After! Like brand new kan?

I am impressed! >_<

I also learned from
MP that storing the brushes is also as important as cleaning my brushes. She also suggested an easy and correct way to dry and store the brushes efficiently. This might be useful if you are going to travel or want to keep the brushes from germs and bacteria :)

Let me introduce you to
The Brush Guard!

The special guard which comes in 6 different sizes :)

See, the brushes are securely kept in their respective guards kan?

Problem solved and I'm a happy bunny :)

p/s: I beli the brush guard from and it took only 5 working days to reach my house from US. Two thumbs up for their good service! :)

Attached is the video on Youtube from Michelle Phan for further reference. Worth visiting! >.<


fizamior said...

bebeh! i pun camtuh jugak.. bila brush dah tak elok, beli jek yg baru...wakakaka...dasar pemalas...

Aida Narina said...

Fiza: Tuhla! I pun ni jahil sangat, ingat kan berus2 tu tak boleh basuh, jadi kene la buang dan replace baru. Hahaha!

eDyth said...

i pun nak beli the brush guard tapi tak beli2 lagi ni.

and yes, u kena clean the brush once a week. kalo tak, muke breakout kann.. it happened to me tho ;p

Aida Narina said...

I nampak je MP guna, i terus order. Kalau dah bersihkan, boleh terus keep it safe and dirt free :) I plan nak bersihkan foundation brush everytime after i used it sebab breakouts I selalu ada kat under the chin and on the forehead. So brushes lain for eyes and cheeks boleh bersihkan once a week :)
Jom sama2 menjaga muke kita, hihii ;p

Liyana said...

I basuh monthly (tak lebih rajin dari tu). I use cheap facial wash to wash my brushes (sayang nak guna facial wash for my face!). Ada gak hajat nak beli brush guard ni, tapi tak beli2 lagi. Tapi selalunya I tak let them stand to dry tapi baringkan tepi meja, so bulu2 tak touch the surface.
Ada ambik gambar masa I basuh my brush last time, tapi tak letak2 kat blog :)

Mrs Imran said...

tgk MP buat mmg cam lazat jer berus2 yg dah dibasuh tu kan, tapi i ni nk basuh spender pon cam tk sempat2. imran yg basuh semua baju, mcm mana la nk rajin basuh brushes plak. hehe. tunggu i ada bibik sendiri nnt, boleh suruh dia cucikan brush mekap i. heee (Dasar pemalas kan?)

Aida Narina said...

Liyana: I pernah basuh one brush pakai facial wash, tapi lepas tu i rasa macam akan rosak je, i terus buang. Nasib la yang murah punye ;p MP actually emphasized on drying the brush standing up, sebab taknak bagi air melekat kat brush masuk ke bahagian gam yang attched the bulu. Kalau baring pun mcm akan bagi bulu2 tu tanggal kan? That's how the brush guard do its job, so that dia boleh berdiri tanpa rosak kan brush :) Jom beli brush guard :)

Aida Narina said...

mrs imran: haha, tau takpe. dia dah la cantek, pastu bila basuh berus pun jadi lazat :p sekarang ni la masa i nak menghabis kan masa lapang, kalau i ada baby and other commitments pun i tak de le nak basuh berus2 i tu, hehehe. wahhh, bibik basuh kan brushes, memang ade kelas >.<

CiKaYu said...

confirm mmg i pun cam u juga, beli & buang bile rasa cam dah tak elok je. nk mencucinya lak 1 hal lak. takdok masa. pas pakai campak je dlm container....agak2 dah cam tak best, beli baru..uhuhuhu...mmg dasar pemalas tul. xpe leh cuba ni..thanx for the tips...(entah bile nak buat ni)

Aida Narina said...

cikayu: hahha! memang tak ada masa kan? esp dulu masa zaman jahiliah baru start pakai make-up, apa lah sangat kita tahu :p. tahu betul lah, makin kerap pakai make-up, makin kerap i ada breakouts. so kene balance dengan membasuh dan menyimpannya..:) :)

Kak ijan said...

Kak Ijan tak de pon brush brush gitu.hehehe... :D

Hayatul Akma @ Ima said...

aida! baru perasan entry ni.. i berminat sgt nak beli brush guard but i only use one brush je skrg (kabuki brush).. so mcm tak berbaloi je kot nak beli haha

Aida Narina said...

kak ijan: kita pun sama kak ijan, tapi tu dulu la. recently je beli, tuh yang dah beli brushes kene la pakai :p

Aida Narina said...

ima: haha :p tapi kalau u beli dulu brush guards and simpan kalau2 u beli lagi brushes pun ok juga. I pun beli baru 2, angled shadow brush and foundation brush, yang lain semua dapat free :p

reena said...

Banyaknya brush u! Hehe.

Aida Narina said...

reena: hehe, dua je i beli, yang lain dapat free :p