Monday, February 08, 2010

Two Thumbs Up To Ahoy and To The Internet

I'm in such a relief just as soon as i got back home from my weekly weekend trip to London, housemates told me the internet is now running smoothly with a speed a horse!

Everyday life without internet is so unbearable, at least to me (and i'm guessing to others too). I was running errands for internet like God knows how long. Knock on my friends house for 1-2 hours connection to reply emails from customers and readers, got to University 1-2 hours earlier before class starts just for the sake of internet, and i even bought the mobile broadband (which i just figured out can only be used up to 500Mb je download limit!). Patient has been my close-friend within those particular days ;p

By the way, I would really love to share a unique and irresistible design that Tie Rack has produced, this Ahoy-Sailor design. They are super-cute!

First colour combinations, navy blue with red borders.

I really love the different kinds of knots they have used, it reminded me of the 'ikatan buku-sila/bunga geti' I've learned when I was in Scout. And, that's not all, Tie Rack have it in 3 different colour combinations which all in very nice colour combinations! Even i owned two out of the three colour combinations. :)

One of it is the one i wore on the night we had my birthday dinner. I've matched the whole outfit with a gold knot and tassle necklace.

Even Dorothy Perkins and a few other high-street shops are currently into this Ahoy-sailor thingy :).
Cute ey?

Second colour combinations of white background with navy blue borders.

And could be wear with Navy blue blazer, white jersey, dark wash denim with dark blue pumps. So cool!

The third colour combinations in navy blue as a whole.

So, hurray up and grab yours ladies at This Is So Fashion now :). Do your own mix and match, i'm sure each of you have your own creative side just waiting to come out anytime soon :)

p/s: And, a few items from Warehouse and Monsoon waiting to be grabbed too at Fashion Forward! :)

Till then :)


zailamohamad said...

owh Aida, kenapalah kau buat sale di kala ku tidak beruwang?? huhuhuhuhu
nanti bulan depan akak singgah ya;)

fizamior said...

uuuu... uuuuu....
so hot bebeh... i wanna check them out! haha!!!

reena said...

I can't live without internet too! Even time tido pun, i boleh terjaga then terus surf internet! LOL. That's how addicted i am. Ih i need a rehab :p

Aida Narina said...

zaila: aaa, jangan marah saya kak zaila, marah kedai itu, hihii ;p okay :)

Aida Narina said...

fizamior: i hot ke scarves2 tu yang hot? hihii. thanks fiza! :)

Aida Narina said...

reena: aaaa, sementara kita belum ada 'commitment' apa salahnya kan. even kalau dah ada pun, insyaAllah, kita sama2 bahagi masa. Reena, u memang selalu je ada, and u rajin comment kat blog orang lain. Two thumbs up for you :)