Monday, February 15, 2010

Portobello Road, The Heart Of Notting Hill

Fuh, kussss semangat!

Last week was a very-very busy week. As soon as i have updated the scarves on TISF, emails kept coming in every second. Alhamdulillah :). I did not wait even a second and straight away entertain the customers and update the status of the scarves on the blog so that others knew which and which have been taken. Sayang semua customer saya! Anda sayang saya takkkk? ;p

And now, most of the scarves have all been sold. Thanks again ladies :) I remembered visiting the Post Office every single day last week. Extra care (of course with love) have been put to each of average 10 parcels every single day. Nasib i dah cekap sorting and packing. Ahhh, i just love doing the job, but i have other important responsibilities that need to be done first. Furthermore it's only 24 hours in one day and how can i survive without my beauty regime? Sleeping beauty will get cranky if she didn't get enough sleep! ;p

Me and Alan visited Portobello Market last Saturday. It was a planned activity since Along and future sis-in-law are busy with their last minute packing, and I've been wanting to try the famous Churros and cupcakes from Portobello Market (as been told by future sis-in-law). So off we went there, by walking! I figured out i really love walking here in UK, of course under a good weather and suitable walking shoes be it pumps or flat boots. I really love the feeling of working out my legs without even sweating and can just enjoy strolling down the sidewalks (while holding hands) kahkah..

Isn't it such a nice day? Not too sunny not too cold.

Arriving at Portobello Market, first stop, leathery-cowboy boots :)

Feathery hair accessories (unfortunately not that very cheap!)

Really love the peacock-feather hairband (and it was sold at 20pounds!)
But hey, it's handmade and handled with love :)

There are a few stalls that caught my attentions, but i found the price to be rather expensive or about the same as in High-Street stores. Just like the hair piece above which is sold at only 10pounds at either Accessorize or Topshop. Some of the items are pre-loved/vintage and some are totally new and handmade so there are a lot of options according to your likings. Worth dropping by! :) Plus it is located straight to the heart of Notting Hill (to those who watched the movie Notting Hill, you must be really interested to be there).. :)

So, off we continue our visit
The Food Stalls!!
Spanish Seafood Paella! Love it :)
They also have Halal Chicken Paella. Sold at
6pounds per pack.

Next stop! The famous Churros and chocolate!!
Sold at
3pounds per cup :)

Busy preparing my Churros :)

Well, the taste is actually like donut then dipped in chocolate. Not bad at all!! :)

Our third food stop, The Hummingbird bakery ;p

All of the cakes and cupcakes are sooooo tempting i don't know which one should i try.
Since it was sold at around
2.50pounds per cupcakes, so we decided to try just one.
Expensive eyy, but reallyyyyyy delicious!

Saving this for later :)

Alan enjoying the Seafood Paella despites the cold weather ;p

And as for our "Hari Kekasih" dinner, I made (with lotsa love and care) "Seafood Speghetti" and we had the little cupcake bought at The Hummingbird Bakery. The Paella and Churros we had earlier that day made us really full, so we decided to skip making our own dessert and just share the 'tiny' cupcake. Lagi sweet kan? Kahkah.. Tak dapat try recipe Heart-shaped Puding Karamel Coklat Lapis by kak Ijan.

A simple one! :)

Now i really feel like licking the cupcake's cream from Hummingbird bakery. *_*


reena said...

Gediknya topi2 tuuuu!

Aida Narina said...

reena: haha, gedikkan? kalau pegi garden wedding buley la. ;p

kak ijan said...

Tak dapat buat lagi takpe.. lain kali boleh try... wah makan di temani cahaya lilin sepoi sepoi... cupcake pon satu aje... lomentik tuuu :)