Thursday, February 18, 2010

Missing Lula And Family

I love the feeling after having a
nice, homemade, cooked meal. Don't you? I made roast chicken and coleslaw with low-fat cream for lunch. I remembered mum's roast chicken and black pepper gravy. It was one of the best I've tested apart from Alan's version. Yup, Alan is good at cooking a nice proper food. U name it. Masak lemak cili padi? Nasi tomato and ayam masak merah? Roast chicken? Puding karamel pun dia tahu buat. Hihii.. >_<

It's half-empty now :(

By the way, last weekend, while me and Alan are busy visiting
Portobello Market and preparing for our "Hari Kekasih" dinner, future brother and sis-in-law are far busy with their preparations to go back home for good. All the furnitures and their household items have been shipped a day before their flight, leaving the house half-empty. We were keen to send them to the airport, but they wanted the goodbye to be quick so they took a van-cab to the Heathrow airport all by themselves. Nevertheless, they will only be in Malaysia for 2 years, and we both will be seeing them in a few months time. Sedih okay sebab kene berpisah dengan Lula. Sempat la nak main dengan Lula for quite a few reasonable hours and i think she likes me so much. She stares a lot at the me and even though i have changed my positions, she'll move her face so that she could still see me ;p Huhu, rindu sama Lula ~_~

Daddy Lan sangat sayang Lula :)

Sangat cute lah budak iniii!

From Lula: Aunty Aida nanti cepat2 balik okay, nanti Lula dah boleh jalan :)

I've been really wanting to go home. So badly okay :( It has been an emotional journey being far from family. Nothing is much better than the comfort of your own home and surrounded by your families. Nasib baik la ada
boyfriend, boleh mengadu kesedihan disini. I just can't believe that in 5 months I'll be going home, for good :) I am truly looking forward for that time. I am..

3 months before my final exam darlings! Rasa macam nak masuk poket Doremon and fast-forward masa :) My graduation will take place in July, during the summer. Siapa-siapa nak datang, kasi bunga, silakan ;p Alhamdulillah to God >_<


reena said...

Eeeee comelnya Lula rambut cacak pipi bambammmm! Ngeeee.

Nak pi ur konvo! Hihi :p

Mrs Imran said...

lawanya mirror dekat wall tu..u ada tanya dat mirror tak, mirror mirror on the wall... whos the fairest of them all....

p/s: i dah addicted to michelle phan..hehe

fizamior said...

bebeh.... hopefully u can finish ur study cepat2 blh jumpe lula blk...hehehe.... she's so adorable la... rambut spike lg daddy lan la... ahahahaha...

Aida Narina said...

Reena: Aaaa, please datang. Saya dengan suka hati akan melayan kamu! :)

Aida Narina said...

mrs imran: agaga, macam tau2 je u kegunaan cermin besar2 macam tu. of course i'm the shortest of em all, so muke boleh tengok takat bingkai je ;p

p/s: ohh, michelle phan memang awesome lah, teknik yang cool. lepas ni i nk beli virgin olive oil je untuk remove make-up :)

Aida Narina said...

fizamior: i tengok damia, terbayang lula. due2 sangat cute okayyy. baby girl memang cuteness. :)

ILYANA said...

comel nye budak tuh
hehehe hye bloghoping!

kak ijan said...

Aida dah nak habis belajar ye... good luck for the coming exam. MEsti tak sabar nk grad ni.hehe.. july and summer and graduation. great timing :D

Lula is soooo cute! rambut cacak cacak tue.hehe

YucIkA said...

dah nak habes belajar??


comel la lula...rambut tak bleh tahan tu..geramnya..comel sgt.

err...salam ziarah :)