Friday, January 29, 2010

She's Leaving Her Daddy Lan

Next two weeks will be the final week for Daddy Lan (Alan's nickname to Little Lula) and me to spend time with Little Lula as she'll be going back to Malaysia. Yup, Alan's brother and sis-in-law have officially announced that they will be staying in Malaysia for a few years for work purposes. Along (Alan's bro) got an offer from the architecture company he is currently working for here in London as the manager to the newly opened branch in Malaysia. Isn't he lucky? Even the idea was from him and he worked hard to be part of the whole new big project the company is working on back in Malaysia. I admired him so much for the courage and opportunities he has achieved.

As i asked along and his wife if they will be coming back in the nearest time, they answered - after 2 years at least. I know that they will come back for sure as they'll left behind two lovely apartments they owned here in UK and the 'environment' they have lived for more than 10 years. Along actually has been living here in UK as early as 20 to start his degree in architecture. I sincerely knew that UK has been part of his life now. Macam i, Malaysia will still be my number one. Dekat dengan family dan kawan-kawan. Tapi kadang-kadang i fikir juga supaya hidup jangan asyik pilih jalan yang senang. Kalau rezeki ada di sini, dua-dua tangan ditadah 100% demi cari rezeki halal.

I am really sure that Daddy Lan will surely be missing little Lula so much kan? Yelah, bayangkan when Lula was born, both along and his wife just have Alan as part of the family. The arrival of Lula just bring them even closer as a family. And the fact that Along has been here since Alan arrived to UK back in 2004 and will be leaving Alan behind was a sad thing to think of. Jangan sedih-sedih yea Alan, nanti October kita sama-sama balik Malaysia main dengan Lula :)

Speaking about Lula, she is a big girl now. With her chubby cheeks and 'sepet' eyes and rambut trojan. The parents said that Lula can mumble now at the age of just almost 50 days. "Aku". Comel gila ;p. Owh comel sangat Little Lula sampai i'm thinking of getting one. Jom kawen and make babies!! ;p Hihiii..

By the way, i think little Lula likes me and when i called her name, she will stare at me and mumble with her very own language. CuteNESS!!

Daddy Lan adjusting himself to be a future father. Hiks.

Both got chubby cheeks and big tummies ;p

Me in action with little Lula :)

Shhhh...Little Lula is sleeping.. >_<

Lula giving her last pose for the night - in her crib ;p

Daddy Lan and Mummy (erk) Aida will be missing you Tallulah Belle! >_<


Hanafedora said...

Oh dear.comelll dh besar dh nmpk dh features dia sikit. Bile u nk jumpa I nih? Hehe dh habis exam. Owh rezeki baby la along u.

I nak jugak. Heheeh comellll.

DaZzlingLilLy said...

geramnyer tengok baby bambam ni..sgt cute!

Aida Narina said...

hana: tuhlaaa, i pun dah almost a month tak jumpa since she was born. tautau dan pipi jatuh and perut comel, hihii. i pun tak tau lagi hana bila dtg london. but i nak drop by rumah u laaa.

Aida Narina said...

lilly: babies kalau lama tak jumpa cepat je lain kan? pipi lula memang bambam ;p. bila u nak ada seorang. owh mesti cute :)

Anonymous said...

Comelnye Little Lula... so chubby la dia. gerammnye.

reena said...

Comelnyaaaaa Lulaaaaaaa! Eeeee..I geram betol la dengan babies. Why la they have to grow up kan? Dok diam2 jadi baby sudah la. Hihi. Aunty Aida? Ehem :p

Aida Narina said...

blogresepi: lula's face memang macam his daddy lan masa kecil. and now she gets the chubbiness of daddy lan nya sekarang. ;p

Aida Narina said...

reena: hahaa, itu la pasal. bila dia kecik cenonit la kiut tapi bila dah besar sikit ni i bari berani dukung. mari la kita sama2 yang belum kawen cuci mata dan dukung anak orang je hihii. planning for 1 in the nearest time reena? >_<

zie said...

Little Lula so cute , nama pung unik sgt....I miss my doter masa dsier baby - comel sgt and baik sgt...sekarang at one yr plus sungguh la nakal.....tapi org kata nakal means cerdik kan?

Aida Narina said...

zie: yup, her name is different kan? me and alan will only able to see her in 7-8 months time, so by that time msti dia dah lain sangat ;p