Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Last Part Of Winter Holiday

I am now making myself to believe that it have already been 3weeks and my winter holiday will officially end in a few hours. Guessed what, it has been a wonderful holiday to me, with the shopping trips, visit to the Winter Wonderland on New Year's day, Boxing day, and New Year's Eve dinner with a few of our good friends. It was not a big-fancy New Year's Eve dinner, just 2 roast chickens, black pepper gravy, mashed potatoes, salad, beef lasagne and a dozen of krispy creme! Yummeyyy :)

It was held at Alan's rented house in White City, near the Westfield shopping centre London. Since Alan's house in not fully-furnished with no sofas or dinning table, so we had it Japanese style je lah :)

The hosts :)

Group picture - Me and Alan. Firus and Fieky from Southampton. Natasha from New Zealand and Sarep which is my best friend from Nottingham :)

Chatting and taking pictures all the way :)

Two of my best-friends :)

Green tea and doughnuts for dessert.

Enjoying the strawberry donut! >_<

Taking pictures of each other :)

Love-love the black theme with black chandeliers :)

Even though i decided to stay in on New Year's night and skipped the beautiful fireworks, but it have been the wonderful start of 2010. Who wouldn't want a long and deep chat with their best friends and laugh their heart out on the special night kan? I think i'm no longer enjoying a hectic celebration in the cold after had the chance of 4 years celebrating it before. Turning 25y.o. this 10th January could signify me being a bit 'older'. Mula la kene fikir taking extra-cautions of my body, using Immortelle creams for my face and register for gym membership to keep fit. May i still be young at heart! :)

How did you celebrated you New Year's Eve? I hope it was great as mine :) Now i should be ready for my first day at University after a long break. :)


reena said...

I love the chandeliers too! Seronok kan bila kita dikelilingi dengan orang yang ngam dengan kita? Btw, happy new year Aida & Alan. Wish both of u all the best!

cikayu said...

i like the black chandelier so dramatic.

Aida Narina said...

reena: cantik kan? Alan's landlord who is also a malaysian guy works as an architect. so dia deco his living room using dark grey paint and everything dark sebab bilik yg besar. btw, i dh tak ramai kwn kat sini reena, so sekali sekala sangat la best. nw dh kene balik soton n start uni semula. Happy nw year to u too!! U have a good year too reena. InsyaAllah :)

Aida Narina said...

cikayu: like it too! hitam itu menawan :)

Me, Mrs Taj said...

i like the house deco!!!

intan syamira iwani said...

salam aida, I kenal fieky, dia sekolah skali masa kat kelantan, sek men dato' ahmed maher. fieky hamshi kan? send my regards to him ye.

CikChelsea said...

cantik rumah alan =)

fuhhhh, terliur tgk 'lazatnya' tuhhh T_____T

fizamior said...

uuuu... cantiknya umah alan tu..:D
my new year plan sume tak jadik la babe!!! aaaaa!!!!!
last2 we all dok umah jek...hahahahahaha.....

sweetgaldreamz said...

aida diet erh...? da kurus.

Lady Dyla said...

Hye sis... kejap je kn winter... i cuti winter ni xg mn2 pown.. lame giler cuti...

Btw.. im at Canterbury.. studying here?? u keje @ study kt cni?

*ayu the sun* said...

the chandeliers adalah mmg meletops..
aida..the way u eat dat strwberry donuts... isk!!!

anyways, best of luck ye dear.. happy belajar kembali..

ATS SHOPPE - Macam-macam ada!!!

zailamohamad said...

waaaah your Alan was so good in ID!!!

meenyusuf said...

Hi there,my name is meen.I read your blog from time to time.btw,I'm Malaysian,currently in Norwich now.Can I link ur blog to mine?And you are welcome to visit my blog as well:)