Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Day Where I Took My Mini To Shop

The day where i took my mini to shop -
Hari dimana saya bawa Mini saya ke kedai. Adakah Mini itu anjing atau kucing? *_*


Hye-hye. I can't believe that in just a few days my
3-weeks winter holiday will be over, and officially tomorrow i'll be on a new 2010's resolutions. But wait, I don't think i'll be able to list down what they are since i don't even have any from the previous years. Yup! I don't write/have/plan my New Year's resolutions. I'd always made new resolutions at the start of the University's term which will be in October or on my birthday or whenever i feel like it. And as far as i've remembered, i don't have any for last year's New year and the year before. Maybe it was because that my birthday falls in January, thus made me realized that i could wait for another 10 days after New Year! :)

By the way,
we can't just stick to our old-self at all times kan? Kalau tak buat resolutions, apa kata tahun ni kita buat. Thus, here are my resolutions for 2010 (read with gracious!) :)

Jaga Solat - pesan my mum everytime at the end of the phone conversations.
Save money for our MINI COOPER S plan.
Save money for mum and little brothers to come to UK for my graduation in July.
4) Plan a
last holiday in Europe - No 1 Greece, No 2 Eastern Europe, No 3 Rome again? Or Disneyland Paris? Kahkahh.
5) Get a proper
Engineering job before i am back for good - ExxonMobil sila hire saya!
Get things right - Don't cancel plans, Put more efforts in what i'm doing, Stick to timetables.
Cheer up even more!! >_<
Kurus? Tak berani jamin :p

Planning for our second biggest day!! :) Weeee..

By the way, talking about
Mini Cooper, we did rented a Mini from one of the streetcar company in London last Tuesday. Reason being, we decided to go for a day-trip shopping at Bicester Village in Oxford which is just 1 hour away from Central London. Alan was keen on driving a Mini even though it costs 2 pounds more per hour than the not-so-expensive rented car like Honda Jazz or Toyota Prius. Tak apa la kan. Bagi peluang Alan feel drive Mini Cooper sendiri.

We started our journey from
3pm and arrived around 4.15pm which left us with almost 4-hours to spend in Bicester Village Designers Outlet.

Rented Mini Cooper (without S) in Red with an automatic roof-top.

Ada gaya? >_<

Owh Mini, nama pun Mini, tapi kenapa meter kau besar macam meter kapal?Align Centre

Alan and his 100% concentration on the road. Nama pun drive kereta manual :p

Our friend at the back seats kesempitan teramat!
Azam baru untuk orang di sebelah kanan semestinya untuk kurus baru boleh tumpang
Mini lagi >_<

Almost there! And pukul 4 dah gelap and maghrib.

Yours truly out for the day: Scarf - Tie Rack, Checkered shirt - Uni-Qlo, Skinny Jeans Leggings - Uni-Qlo, Studded Hangbag - ZARA, Location - Calvin Klein's changing room. :p

To those who don't really know what
Bicester Village is. Its actually an outlet shopping village that offers discounted designer brands such as Dior, Gucci, Polo Ralph Lauren, Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Salvator Ferragamo, Burberry, Mulberry, Anya Hindmarch and more. There are few designer brands that are also new, at least to me such as Charles Tyrwhitt, Hearts On Fire, Superdry Store and a few others.

The best thing about shopping at the outlets is that the price is
reasonably lower than the one in the boutique (even though some of the items are from the current season). You'll be looking at 30%, 50% and even 75% of the retails price. While i'm in Anya Hindmarch, I've bee told by the SA that some of the items are the sample items and some are from the last season which the price has dropped by more than half of the retail price. What a bargain kan? Yelah, mana tau kita selalu jatuh cinta tengok satu handbag tu dari tahun lepas, sekali tahun ni (dah lain season la) the price has been discounted by 75%! Tak ke terus rasa nak rembat? >_<

Pose wajib dengan paperbags kalau datang Bicester Village.
Hanya mampu bergambar je depan Dior :p

Dinner at a local Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant in Bayswater, London.
Dijamin halal dengan
itik yang sedap!

Tak tahu kenapa tak boleh nak pandang kamera.
Dahla jumpa setahun sekali walaupun duduk
Nottingham je.
Wutever, talk to the hand >_<

Okay, Alan memang suka layan :).

Yang ni sekali seumur hidup je jumpa. ^_^

InsyaAllah today we will be hosting a
New Year's Dinner where Alan will be the cook for the night. We'll see how it goes. :)



ABH said...

ehhh, camne haliza leh tersesat kat bicester village hehehe...

fizamior said...

hepi new year bebeh!!!!!
nice knowing u & i love reading ur blog!!!
owh i sgt jeles dgn u sbb i punye dream car pon cooper s jugakkkk.aaaaaaa...... tp targeted lama lagi la nak dapat...huahuahua....

si heliza tu watpe kat situ tu?haha...soalan menyibuk...kihkih....

yaNa MaLeK said...

dear, u r soo cute with alan..ade iras2 gitu..wish u happiness all the way..bile nak i nak gi bicester village ni..ehhehe..nak shopping bag:))

happy new year

Tkah said...

jumpe heliza ke? Die wat pe kat sane?

waNny said...

tu last pic bukan budak AF ke ? Heliza kan ? hehehehehe .. cool ..

i dulu my ma tawar mini cooper .. tapi i xnak coz i tinggi n besar .. i ckp kt my ma cam gajah bawak kancil jalan2 ..

when she still insist .. i cakap "bonet x cukup besar to put in my 3 balls bowling bag"

terus she rest her case .. hahahahahha

reena said...

Ohhh inilah Mulberry yang ditweet itu ya? :p Tunjuklah isinya! I suka kedai2 kat oversea sebab tepi jalan. Tak macam kat sini semua dalam shopping complex.

reena said...

Ohhh..Semoga resolutions u tercapai. Aminnn :D

Ms. Omey said...

hi babe. nak tanya pasal bicester village tu since i'll be going to london next year somewhere in April. my 1st time actually. Discounted brands tu memang sepanjang tahun eh? and is it really worth to pay a visit there? tapi i memang nak shopping designer brands cuma i pikir around april bukan time sale kan?

*ayu the sun* said...

is that heliza??
anyways... i am indeed interested bout alan being the cook..
sila lah update later ok?
happy 2010 aida..
may it brings the best for u, ur family & everything..

ATS SHOPPE - Macam-macam ada!!!

5577 said...

hye aida.. :)
wow bestnye mini.. jeles jeles..

Happy new year dear!! may u have a blast night..have loadsa fun!

ps: ur header will be ready soon.. so sorry for all the delays.. sgt lagging, due to workload in the office yg berlambak.. n catching up with other stuffs

Aida Narina said...

abrahyn: hehee, time kami lunch kat malaysian student department london punya cafe, dia ada sekali. dia comel kott, makan pun sopan je pakai tangan tak pakai fork n spoon. yang penting her mac coat memang cantik! :)

Aida Narina said...

fizamior: happy new year to uuuu :). it's nice to know/have more friends kan? we both pun kalau mampu, insyaAllah akan bawa balik satu. sementara kat sini murah kan. nanti blk msia tinggal beli rumah je if dh kerja.

i tanya heliza dia dtg cuti ke. and she said she was in london for holiday and work.seronok tgk ramai malaysian :)

Aida Narina said...

tkah: dia datang kerja and holiday kot. i was sittin next to her table and was abt to leave, when i decided to take pic with her. she was so nice, even dia stop mkn utk tangkap gambar dgn I :)

Aida Narina said...

wanny: yup-yup :) mata nya sangat bolat kott. seriously wanny, mini cooper s mmg sempit, tapi i suka the design and alan loves to drive it. so mmg kene beli satu kot. happy new year wanny and have a blast one! :)

Aida Narina said...

reena: kalau kedai kat msia tepi jalan, tak best sgt kan sbb panas. tapi kat sini pun oen bad thing kedai tepi jalan is, bila kat luar all teh shops sejuk gila, and tiba2 masuk kedai panas nak pengsan sbb heater full blast. nanti i reveal. segan laaa :p :p

Aida Narina said...

omey: hi there. barang2 yang tak habis jual kat boutique diorg hantar to bicester village to replace with the products for that season. biasanya almost every month diorang top up stocks kat bicester village. so, tak semestinya u datang sana, akan ada apa yang you nak bcos it depends on the boutiques to send the unsold items. and i don't think there will be a big sale like nw they have due to boxing day and chrismas, but i'm sure you'll get at least 50% discount for almost everything in bicester. if anything email me yea omey :)

Hanafedora said...

I SMSed u a few days before new year.didn't u get it? Man it was freezing to death today in London. New year maybe? Tk jadi I nk pergi winter wonderland.
Aida,aren't u cold wearing those flat without sox. Jari kaki I kebas I can't feel my toes. Update on u darl. I went to Soton a few days ago. Where r u now?

Owh by the way, niceee resolutions. I tahu u'll keep it :)

Aida Narina said...

yana malek: thanks..>_< ive recieved that alot, tp i tak kisah sbb in a way kalau muka dh sama, i dpt agak anak i muka camana, hehee. happy nw year to u too! eyy dtg la, bicester one of the best outlets here in uk sbb bnyk designer brands. i knw we as woman cant have enough of handbags, tak kira mahal or murah :)

Aida Narina said...

ayu: alan is endeed a good cook tau ayu. he cook the best ayam msk lemak cili padi and nasi tomato/ayam msk merah. kalah my mum n aunties. happy nw year to u too ayu. may 2010 be a great year fills with happiness n better health. insyaAllah :) :)

Aida Narina said...

5577/farah: worries abt the header. ksian u juga kene entertain my emails n requests. take ur te, as long as the result is nice. mini kat malaysia tak silap i around 150k kan? act it is not spacious at all. nama pn mini kn? kalau berdua je ok la, kalau tmbh 1/2/3/4 camana tu,hihii. happy nw year to u too farah. hopefully business u pn brjln lancar :)

Aida Narina said...

hana: hana, something happened to my phone. it got lost(tercicir) just after we've separated in ZARA on boxing day. i kind of phoneless now. sobsob. btw, hope you had a great nw year. i just stayed home and cook some food fr a few friends who came over to london that day. tak masak havoc pun, just roast chicken and sides. it was cold, but since we took the car and will be fine in the shops, tuh yang sarung je flat :) happy nw year hana!! :)

Hanafedora said...

Text me yeh when u got a new phone. Gee I hope ur insured.

CikChelsea said...

ya ampun mini cooperrrrr kereta idaman dlm mimpi kah kah kahhh!!!

best shoppingggg? =P

adehhh comelnya heliza, suka btol mata dia bolat T___T

hepi nu year utk kamu jugak =D

Aida Narina said...

hana: i'm not insured..sobsob sedih hana. nanti i dah dapat phone, i'll text u okay. but i'm using the same number yea hana. u take care! :)

Aida Narina said...

cikchelsea: kereta mini cooper itu memang kiuttt :). it was a great trip, tapi sebab designer outlet, jadinya tak mampu shopping banyak2 sangat. tapi kalau tak decide pg shopping, mesti tak decide pg makan di malaysia student department restaurant and mesti tak jumpa heliza. dia mmg kiut and baik. low-profile je :) happy new yearrr :)

nurul said...

ouhh..i love bicester village!!
sangat teruja masuk semua kedai..tapi on the way pegi and balik i tido je la dalam keta sebab mcm jauh je perjalanan dr central london kan..haha...

nurul said...

bicester village lagi best dari swindon designer outlet kan?kan?kan? :)