Friday, December 04, 2009

2 Times In 1 Week Won't Hurt

Ever since i started selling Tie Rack scarves, i found out that running an online business was not an easy thing, especially since i have other commitments with the never ending coursework, lab sessions, classes, group discussions, meetings..(saje nak meleret-leret kan kehidupan seorang student!) @_@

It was in January this year i guess, when i decided to start selling Tie Rack scarves. I felt that by sharing my love for the scarves won't hurt a little bit because i know the need for the scarves as it is a must for the Muslim Women to cover the hair and most of the parts of our body. Thus, why should i not spread the love even more kan? *Jom group hugs* :)

The trickiest part in setting up a business online was to know how manageable i am in handling all the bits and pieces. Can you manage to do all the things that will involve while running the business i.e answering emails, manage your account, deliveries? I am surely not a management student nor a successful businesswoman to talk business, but i do hope i'm on the right track and could share the useful things upon my experiences in running a small online business with all the ladies out there who do have the same interest >_<.
All of these things might be useful to consider and i think that's all i could think off:
1) Capital
Enough to run the business for a few months without considering the profit first.
2) What to sell
This is a personal choice and you should consider something 'hot', 'trendy', 'price wise'.
3) Set up a proper blog/website
Important to attract customers (Even This Is So Fashion is still under construction little-by-little).
4) Advertise
Visit blog-by-blog and drop by a nice comment on their chatbox (if they allow us to do so). If not, i will leave a comment nicely on their blog for any entry and put a short line at the end telling the blog owner that i have set up an online business and would really glad that if he/she could drop by :). Remember that we should approach people nicely so that they will have the reason to come and visit out store.
5) Entertain customers through email
Should set a proper time which is convenient to you to answer all the questions and orders (By far this is the most important thing to me. It will take up to a few hours just to reply to emails and take the orders).
6) Postal service
I did spent an extra time at the post office for this. Kalau guna Pos Laju lagi leceh, kene isi borang and whatnot. As for me, i have decided to do this 2 times in 1 week using Royal Mail postal service here in UK.
8) If a normal store on the high-street believes that 'A smile worth a thousand miles', and since i can't smile to my customers, i believe that 'A proper greeting and appreciation on emails go a million miles'. Seems a bit tacky, but true :)
9) Campaigns
Offers/ Sales / Lucky reader (Semua saya buat!) >_<.
10) Last but not least, passion!
That's why you should sell something that you love to have/own. Alhamdulillah, Tie Rack makin kaya sebab i have managed to sell almost 1000 (satu ribu) of their scarves! $_$

Scarves are sorted according to customers choice.

Scarves are folded nicely before the wrapping process.

Wrapping done.

All wrapped and attached with a thank you note. :)

Boxes are also given upon requests.

Wrapped scarves inserted in pink mailing bags.

Customs declaration forms.

Stock of the Customs declaration forms and 'by air mail; stickers makcik post office kasi :)

All packed with address written on each bags :)

Tidieous bukan? #_#

Jom sneak preview scarves yang akan di release this Monday :). Semua hotness!

Polyester square scarves

Chiffon square scarves.

Chiffon and polyester oblong scarves.

Visit my online store for details and reservations :). & do become TISF's follower ♥ ♥


Hanafedora said...

BABEEEE...bile nk jumpa??? ish banyak kali ni nk jumpa..hehe

memang lawa kan design skang..seems they have a lot of good designer now. Thats what they told me..

Nana said...

hehe so rajin one! hehe! Me? ada jugak dulu ingat nak buat biz, but now. I am to impatient and malas! hehe! It takes dedication babes .. tu you tak mention hheehe ;D

Liyana said...

I'm giving up (temporarily) my fridge magnets biz. Bukan untung pun, saja suka2. Since it's taking up so much of my time, tutup kedai sampai nanti I balik Msia for good.

Aida Narina said...

Hana: They do have lotsa new beautiful designs kan? Btw, my holiday will start not until next weekend. Tinggal seminggu je. Nanti i calling2 kay :)

Aida Narina said...

Nana: Betul lah, patut include dedications and motivations. I buat part time je hopefully dapat simpan sikit2. Owh u lagi best kerja designer boutique. Cuci mata everyday. Good luck with your teaching job too dear :)

Aida Narina said...

Liyana: Mula2 i start memang untuk suka2 juga, tapi lama2 ramai yang interested. Btw, mesti beli banyak2 fridge magnet b4 balik nanti and kalau jual, dapat la rasa untung sikit :). Owh lagi satu, sebab Tie Rack ni kat Msia pun dah mahal agaknya, tu yang i still dpt untung sikit2 :)

Nana said...

sigh! if only it was true. I tell you lagi lama i kerja kat boutique ni lagi gila i di buatnye. NO working there is not making me very happy. I am going to quit. maybe end of january. maybe end of december. who knows. but definitely quitting. I tell you the retail world is full with people who are so selfish, self-centered, cunning, manipulative and all the bad things that goes with it. But wait .. hehe most private sector are filled with these kinds of people! haha!

Well, to maintain my sanity, integrity and my soul, I will leave. Tak tahan these wanna be people!

yaNa MaLeK said...

so want the chiffon tie rack..lawa2 sume design...

*ayu the sun* said...

haaa. nice & hot! maybe akan merembat satu.. :)

p/s: the one u gave me last year is so gempak sampai all my cousins dok pujuk suruh i bagi kat derang. TOLONG skets! :)

reena said...

I've emailed u!

Tak dan-dan kannnn :p

Farah said...

cepat update! i nak tgk yg oblong scarves tu hehe

Leeds Al-Malique said...

cantik-cantik la latest collection..grrrr

LoNdon dEaLs said...

salam aida,

wah..this entry mmg best la aida. aiyo...sgt tepat la aper yg u ckp itew..mmg kene berdedikasi sungguh. i plaks start sbb time tu i balik msia for 5 months utk bersalin. dr tak buat ape2 saje je la try2 juai sikit2. but now, sgt ramai jugak la org yg menjual. so kite actually helping each other. blog yg ni dh sold out...the other blog still ader lg. anyway, ini sumer pengalaman how to handle a business kan? takpe, mane tahu satu hari nanti bile kite ade peluang bukak business besar2, this small2 things buat kite aware. ok la dear, u take care n mai london bgtau la k. i pon dah tak sabar nak cuti ni. taaa...


fizamior said...

ape slhnye..sambil menyelam minum air..usahawan muda :D

Mrs Taj said...

Me amik entry ni and print out leh? (tp sbnrnya dh print pun)..iskk

sis dah list down all good tips on how to run an online buss..i loike..i'm also looking forward to open up an online store..insyaAllah will open soon..pray for me yeah!

anywy love ya & thanks

superheroes' mom said...

oh goodness, just only discovered your blog. better late than never. luvleeeeee scarves.. *panting*