Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sifu Tie Rack? No Lah! :)

Rasanya rata-rata yang lawat blog ni dah muak tengok kasut. Cantik, memang cantik..tapi harga yang 'exclusive' takut ada yang sakit mata lama-lama tengok.Tapi cuci mata apa salahnya. Everybody can own a pair, its just a matter of our liking and budget. Needs or wants lain kira, majority ladies memang suka beli benda cantik dan memang perlu untuk pull out a nice outfit. As for myself, Alan did asked me why i need to own a pair of the Jimmy Choo for H&M range, and my answer is 'i love it honey and i'll think of ways (no matter how) to pull it out, wearing it with casual outfit or to special occasions'. And, as for that reason, he got me a pair from that range with a matching clutch (for an early birthday gift) >_<. Sukaaaa..

By the way, last week i have been invited by a few friends, mostly PHD students to their house asking me for a short-course on how to wear the Tie Rack scarves. I was overwhelmed by the invite since i am neither a pro nor an expert. But hey, i'll do anything and everything when it comes to the Tie Rack scarves. Plus, all of the designs are beautiful and perfect for my liking. Here some of the pictures from the 2 hours session :)

Me with the ladies (Fiza, Lynn, Norimah, Durra)

3 of them are already married especially that little lady in the center.
Dah ada 2 little sons! :)

The aftermath. Ada gaya? Sporting la diorang ni! :)

They even had potlucks with all sorts of food!
These sweeties also got me a box of Ferrero Rocher :) HAPPY..

I've been wanting to put up the video i've made on how to wear the square scarves. But, lets just wait for the next single entry kan? :)

On another note, i just got back from watching the movie, New Moon! It was great and i shall not make any further judgments or comments about the movie. But i prefer Twilight better than New Moon. Reason why? Nanti dah tengok boleh tau kenapa :). Tetapi Edward tetap buat hatiku cair. Cuma marah sikit kat make-up artist or the director (boleh ke?) sebab bubuh lipstick merah sangat kat bibir Edward! :p Terganggu pemandangan, asyik-asyik tumpu kat his 'fake' rosy lips :). But overall it was fun! Mesti ramai yang tak sabar kan? >_<

Got myself the La Senza Pyjama after the movie :)

Malam ni nak pakai pyjama baru sambil teringat-ingat kat Edward (apa kaitan?)..hhahaaa :p


ella said...

aida...comel sgt baju tidur awk nie...hheheheh.

DaZzlingLilLy said...

comel pyjama tu..mesti tido mimpi edward..hehe

reena said...

Pyjama u comel ok. Hehe. Bila nak buat party camni kat sini plak :p P/S: Tak sabaq nak dapat TR i! :p

*ayu the sun* said...

cnt wait for the tutorial!