Friday, November 06, 2009

Random Thoughts Dan Hari Matang

As usual, my busy schedules stopped me from writing any useful stuffs on my blog. I only had the chance to write whenever it's nearly Friday or it is Friday and in the weekends - Thank God It's Friday! Any other days, i'm only able to reply to customer emails, read through bloggers daily feed(s) and checking out the facebook. So many things to do these days yet i don't have ample time to fit all into my routines.

Last weekend has been a wonderful weekend to me. I might say that it was an amazing trip - catching up with friends - made new friends - the 5th time i got to visit Nottingham - 1st time visiting Hull. And i also got the chance to ride a friend's bimmer/BMW (as known by true aficionados - orang ikut trend). Eventho it's not the latest series nor a new one, but it must be such an achievement to him, beli kereta cash 2000 pounds sterling (= RM10k) pakai duit sendiri untuk bawa balik Malaysia. Nanti tak payah susah-susah fikir monthly installment untuk kereta.

Here are some of the pictures taken using my camera during the Nottingham Games.

The team :)

Fooling around in between games.

Macam biasa, muka yours truly kene ada :)

In action, can you spot Alan? :)

As for me (or i must say us?), we are also in the middle of trying to save some cash to buy a car our dream car (at the very moment sebab tak mampu nak rembat X6 ataupun sekelas dengannya). Sementara boleh pakai AP student, tax memang tak mahal untuk bawa balik Malaysia. We might be using the money we have saved from our monthly allowances and from the part-time work to top up the sum. Before that, to whoever is reading this, i must make a point that we are not solely use the pocket money we get to buy our dream car which seems a bit unfair to some people. Reason being, I have other sources of income in addition to the money i did recieved monthly. Truthfully, not that i want to be in control when it comes to money, but i think it's the right time. Kumpul sikit-sikit. Once in a while, i too can't resist the temptations to splurge into something 'trendy' and 'hot'. Ramai kawan-kawan beli iphone, macbook, designer items all but we think saving up some money could not harm us just to be prepared for our 'back for good' plan this coming August.

I would love to share with others on what kind of jobs i've done so far in UK to earn extra pocket money. It was all hard-earned money and i swear it was all not that easy.

I've became a part-time teaching assistant at a Swaythling primary school near my house (3 hours, twice a week - first year only), a tuition helper for a Malay tuition centre here in Southampton (3 hours, Saturday - first year only), sorting letters at the nearest Royal Mail post office centre (just during 3 weeks Christmas break as Christmas cards are sent this time around - 2nd & 3rd year of studies), room checker for lecture halls at University of Southampton (2 weeks only - 3rd year of studies), domestic job at University's Halls of Residence (1-2 months during summer - 1st, 2nd & 3rd year of studies) and more to come for this final year. Plus, not to forget my part-time business selling Tie Rack scarves - visit here :)

Sheeeehhh, macam entry orang matang - dewasa dengan bentangan belanjawan negara (walaupun diri ini harus sedar bulan Januari nanti dah masuk 25 tahun!). Lain kali entry main-main pula..

Choppppp, can you guys guess what car that i'd love to get before i'm back for good? :). Brand and model? Nak ada contest gak ke? Okay, a mystery gift from me to whom with a correct answer!!! :)

p/s: More Nottingham Games picture will be right up bila official photographer dah siap edit gambar :p


Anonymous said...

Muka awak dua orang ade iras la..hehe... :)

Nadia Dzai said...

aida, you nak beli mini cooper S macam Alfie keeee?? :p :p

ar3lynn said... it a beemer jugak? ;)

Abrahyn said...

honda civic 1.8...hehehehe

Abrahyn said...

ello...bila mau bayar hutang teknik pakai scarf? hehehehehe...ini ALONG sudah mari maaaa

Ms Coci~ said...

Hey...Take the M6! better choose the car that really looked not familiar in Malaysia..=p

So when people saw your car they all know that it was aida's car flying from UK=p

Hurm..I'm not good in guess other people mind=p

But I'm pretty sure you will take something cute just like both of you..

Hv a nice day~

Nani said...

hi. lama tak lawat blog you. oh, i mcm knl je org yg duduk plg kanan dlm 1st pic you tu (football team). dia from ucd ke?

Aida Narina said...

blogresepi: Thanks!! Tapi bukan adik beradik tau nanti xle kawen :p

Nadia Dzai: U rasa? Jengjengjeng :) Hhhehe, saje je..

Ar3lynn: Hye :). Bukan la, was thinking to get it, tapi cik abang suka yang lain..

Abrahyn: Kat sini Honda Civic tak popular la. Mereka kat sini suka kereta tiada bontot ataupun bontot kecik.

Ms Coci: M6? Terlalu mahal. Masih tak mampu. Tapi mesti la cute. Hhehe :)

Nani: Yang duduk paling kanan kan? Tu budak Soton buat phd. Pelanduk dua serumpun agaknya :)

fizamior said...

cooper S babe!!..hihi... thats my dream car..ntah lah bila nak pakainya..haha!!! eh i baru perasan la.. muka u & alan adalah serupa.. seiras.. seia.. sekata.. haha.. org ckp kalo muka seiras mmg adalah jodoh kita.. huhu..

fizamior said...

eh lupe plak.. whats ur fb acc? can i add u?

Aida Narina said...

fizamior: hehehe. comel kannn? comel la u cakap kami "serupa.. seiras.. seia.. sekata.." :p. Thanksss :) Aminn :).

reena said...

Err...Mini Cooper? Or Aston Martin!!!! Hehe :p Ntah la.I mmg zero skit bab2 keta ni.

*ayu the sun* said...

tak reti nak teka.. but hoping & praying the best fr u..


Hanafedora said...

I tahu I tahu I tahu...haha okeh nnti I dikira disqualify la sebab I cheating.. Anyway..hey memang I no card..Tapi nasi lemak seems a good idea..nnti I nk buat la one day.. Eh bile u nk dtg ni? rumah I terbuka je..