Tuesday, October 06, 2009

This Is Better Than Nothing At All

Some people will say that i'm not working hard, and some might say that i'm clueless in what i'm doing. But, all i gotta say is "I'm over the moon with my life and all that i care is what i need to say about myself". Life is simply DELICIOUS now! :)

I've settled myself well at the Uni as i've been a student for couple of years now. New students are just everywhere, at the Student Service Center to pay the super-expensive tuition fees (mind you it's 12,000pounds per year), or at the gym signing up to be a member, or at the library, trying to get hold of the books recommended by the lecturer on the first day in class. And yesterday when i'm on my way to a class, i did approached a few new students who are clueless of where they are heading to. The locations of the buildings at my Uni can be rather confusing in the first few weeks and even i don't really remember the number for each of the buildings. Yela, kita boleh bayangkan lokasi setiap bangunan, tapi bila contohnya kelas kat bangunan 7, baru tercengang pegang map nak confirm yang mana satu.

Map yang harus dibawa.

New term means new motivations. I'm thinking of doing something different this year. In my first and second year, i've joined the Southampton Engineering Society Hockey Team and also the Karate-do club. I've made it as the right winger for hockey and managed to the 4th level for Karate. Both have been such achievements for myself. I also have been on the Homestay programme during Christmas day with one of the British family and i might join that again this year. Third year, nada - sebab sibuk bercinta. And for this year i'm thinking of taking a French class in the second semester, will join the yoga and fitness class at the gym to prevent the cramped muscles working out the Matlab/Phyton/Fortran/C# and all the craps in front of the computer. It has just been 2 days since the start of the term, and i already had back-pain..

I have also been assigned for a group project with 5 other guys throughout this year. No girls at all! How can that be? It is actually normal to me since out of 80 Mechanical Engineering students, 75 of them are boys! But, boys are just simply cute creatures, eating sandwiches filled with crisps and can't live looking at girls working too hard. Ngade-ngade sikit pasti DI-kurang kerja. Hah! Dah mula nak curi tulang ;p. I'll be working on something about Formula Cars: Chassis - think about formula one cars and the car that you are driving to work everyday. Inevitably challenging for a lady! :)

And to those who actually did read my previous posts will surely knew Alan. He is a boyfriend of mine and just started his MSc in Engineering With Finance at King's College, London. So now he's 2 hours away from me staying at his bro's house in Bayswater. We just can't believe we've made through till this very moment. Biasalah, dah 12 tahun kenal, 9 tahun kawan baik, 2 tahun as a couple, macam-macam karenah. Next week adalah ulangtahun perkahwinan together-gether and i'm thinking of getting a couple's polo from RL (yes, if you read this Alan, jom pegi Portsmouth Factory Outlet?). There will be no cakes or cooking fancy dinner, but we might dine out at our favourite sushi restaurant here in Southampton this weekend (again, jom?)

Okayla, i've had a long day today and it has been raining since morning. Soton ni memang takde keje, asik hujan jeeee. Winter, do come fast so i can prepare myself for spring and summer :) :). Can't wait to go back home again..



fizamior said...

hye aida .. dah blk sana ekk?? hmm kita ni mmg kan kalau blh seronok nak pergi negara org tp bila kita dh tinggal sana, mulalah miss malaysia gila2.. selalu pon camtu kan? tak sabar nak balik & menghitung hari utk next holiday..hahaha.. anyway seem to me that u had a very wonderful time there.. owh ur in mecky engineering.. standard la tu tak ramai pompuan.. we all civil kira 60/40 la boys & girls.. good luck 4 new term & study smart kay? kita bdk2 engine ni selalu study smart jer..hahaha

Deeda said...

hye aida,
this is my first time here.get this link frm schazwany's blog..hehe & actually interested to drop by ur blog because my name is also Aida~ hehe..
afte go thru to ur entries i found tht ur homwtwn is in melaka..which is, mine too..which part of melaka?

Ami said...

kenapa lah all this while i ingat u're in EE jugak yer ish ish.Fortran sounds familiar,for FEM kan?my hubs penah mention kot,he's in ME too.Happy ulangtahun together-gether,comel lah.Nanti dah kawen jgn jadi macam i tau,date bertunang pon boleh lupa!Mase degree dulu i merajinkan diri amik electives,either German and Economics.Then i joined the engineering societies macam HKN and Tau Beta Pi.tapi bila dah final year,terus jadi malas,rasa aku la org paling busy di dunia with all the design projects and what not hehe.

Aida Narina said...

fizamior: Hhehee, InsyaAllah study smart ;p. Tuhla, masa baru 2-3 hari sampai sini lagi la tengah kemas2 brg, airmata ni nak mengalir je tak bersebab. Sebak kot sbb dah biasa dikelilingi family 24/7 masa 2bln kat msia haritu. Tapi now dah start class and all, Alhamdulillah. Being here is totally different than in Msia. I have learned a lot by being here these few years. Mak pun ada cakap, "duduk UK bkn setakat nak jadi Engineer, tapi nak experience benda yang lain dari yang lain dan apply dalam hidup". :)

Aida Narina said...

Deeda: Thanks for dropping by :). My mum and dad are both from Melaka - Peringgit and Bukit Katil. But since my mum's parents have passed away since i was little, thus i will always be at Bukit Katil - my dad's parents. I was born in Melaka too. Btw, which part of Melaka are you from? :) :)

Farah said...

awww sweetnyee..BF u melayu ke chinesse?muka cam chinesse kan? Soton tu shortform utk Southampton ek haha..byk plak tanya akak ni ek..

Aida Narina said...

Ami: Hhehee, u tau i buat engineering pun dah okay. Act, kelas first i haritu la first time i dgr Fortran. I pun nak terbayang "Megatron" pun ada. Hhehheee :p

Thanks Ami for the wish. I hope i can go through this year in Uni smoothly and settle down after that. InsyaAllah. As for the Electives, eyy u mesti la amik german sbb u knw that ur hub is going to Germany kan?Tau Beta Pi tu mcm interesting. I was thinking of something lighter. Mak i siap cakap "jangan yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran". Kelakar je bila i ingat ;p.

DaZzlingLilLy said...

sama gak mcm i blajar dulu..80% boys jer dlm kelas i..tapi lagi senang kan boys ni tak banyak mulut..hehe..happy 'togather-gather anniversary dear'..

Hanafedora said...

Aida! Ur going to portsmouth? Nak ikutt.. Hehe lor I confius. Ingatkn you dh final and dh convo. Sebb kita penah vborak pasal kerja sini. Anyway now that Alan is in London, you will come here often kan? Hehe bile u nak Turun or naik London. Tell me yeh. Kiss

Mrs Imran said...

bestnyer semua boys..hehe i loikkeeee!kalau i dikellilingi boys cam tu, hehe apa lagi skodeng la...haha

*ayu* said...

suddenly kan aida.. i pulak yang rasa excited bout all ur plans for this sem.. in a way, i do missed my campus life.. and pulak tu.. i had to let go offers aboard dok pikir siapa nak jaga me mummy.. huhu.. oh! u'll understand more later when u get my invite for my private blog..okie? Allah tu maha kaya.. i x dpat g oversea pun.. dia kasi i enroll international uni.. hahaha.. :)
best of luck k dear... my prayers are always wit u..