Friday, October 02, 2009

Moving On

Arrived in London Stansted Airport in the middle of the night carrying a 25kgs luggage and a 10kgs hand-luggage with me. The almost 14hours flight journey was crazy as i've only slept for 2-3 hours while it is early morning in Malaysia. The portable in-flight entertainment tv kept me busy throughout the tiring journey together with the 2 heavy dinner and breakfast (Nasi Beryani and Nasi lemak) and 1 small size cadbury choc and a hot dog (of course with 4 bottles of mineral water). Thanks to Air Asia for being a such a companion to me, and produced such a handsome 'Steward' - dalam hati abang itu mesti cakap aku kuat makan! ;p

And now i''m here, live in London (Bayswater to be exact). London is terribly cold, 8degrees during touched down last night and now at almost 12noon, it's 14degrees . But, when i've passed by the shops on the express bus from Stansted Airport to Central London last night, i could see the amazing city lights, and the cold and silent part of London, i've felt in love all over again with UK, London to be exact. It's so peaceful yet in a lavish way. But deep down inside, Malaysia will still be my number one!

InsyaAllah, a new year, a new term and a new me. :)
Pray for my success..


Shira said...

Aidaaa..gud luck study!
Take care :)

Aida Narina said...

Shira: Many thanks dear! Keep in touch :) :)

Hanafedora said...'re in London already? You sambung study ke? Stay London yeah??? Mari jumpa jalan2... :D

*ayu* said...

best of luck dearie... take care!!!!

p/s: still the same add u've emailed me last year?

reena said...

Ayat last tu bunyi macam u nak kahwin je next year? Lagi2 plak previous entry pasal new family member tu. Hihi. Sorry i serkap jarang. Ampun klu salah :p Selamat kembali menjadi perantau! :) (Bila laaa i nk sampai London ni..)

Abrahyn said...

good luck dear...keep in touch ya!

diyanashukor said...

aida...take care...blaja rajin2..hihi..

DaZzlingLilLy said...

dah balik uk rupanye..i dh update pic raya..hehe..gud luck yer smart..tunggu u start buka kedai..mcm banyak jer nk borong stuff from uk kali ni..hehe

Ami said...

final term ye aida,all the best!rindu aa london huhu

busyuksayang said...

good luck dear :)

Shopaholic Mama said...

Aida, best of luck to you!

How cold will London be around Nov/Dec?

Aida Narina said...

Hanafedora: I kat Soton semula, and still studying. Maybe bila i kat london we should meet up :)

Ayu: Thanks Ayu *Hugs back*. I'm using Nak baca blog Ayu yang private tu ;p

Reena: Kkkekee, i nakkkkk. Still ada tanggungjawab as a student lagi for a year la reena. InsyaAllah, bila masanya sesuai i jemput ;p

Abrahyn: Thanks!! Will do. U too :)

Diyana: Thanks Diyana. InsyaAllah :)

Aida Narina said...

DazzlingLilly: Hehehe, tunggu re-opening FF and TISF. :) Thanks dear :)

Ami: This will be the last one InsyaAllah Ami. Tuhla, Ami dah selalu kat London, so tentu akan rindu nye. We have been given a good opportunity to be here. I'm sure you did not regret anything at all (by being far from hubby/family and all) while you are in London. Surely to be missed!

BusyukSayang: Thanks dear! You take care :)

Shopaholic Mama: Thanks *hugs*. Btw, it will be very cold in Nov/Dec. If it's at the end of Dec, you sometimes can experience a thin snow and the temperature should be around -5 to 5 degrees! But in Nov, it will only reach up to 0 degrees. R planning to visit UK? :)