Friday, October 30, 2009

If Only I Had Whooga UGG Boots!

Sticky-icky Note

After 3 weeks starting out at Uni and settling down again in UK, i found out that weather here in Southampton is just unpredictable! One time it's a clear sky in the morning and then it's raining heavily in just a second. Not to forget that since winter is approaching, the temperature could reach up to 5degrees!! Isn't it crazy?

Ni waktu Winter 2009

At home, waking up in the morning is simply a hard thing to do! Especially after tucking yourself under the duvet throughout the night. Doing my daily routines are just not a good idea anymore. Even i can't have a good me-time watching tv, surfing the net or do my readings.

And not until i found out about this beauty..

----------WHOOGA UGG BOOTS---------
The Classic Tall
I wish i can have this one..

The Classic Short and The Mini

The Weave Boot and The Tall Metallic/Pewter

Suede boots yang i pakai last Winter banyak serap air, and even the condition is even worst if i'm out and about wearing it for the whole day. I wore it to Nice and Monaco, France for Winter holiday and my feet hurts due to lack of comfort and support. I so need the
comfort and stay warm for this Winter without even sweating my feet!

And guess what? Whooga UGG is having a pre-season sale for all the collections that they have! Exciting :)

That's not all, i'm thinking of entering the lucky draw which can entitle me with a free UGG boots. They do have a monthly lucky draw and hye-hye, they are having extra draws for 7-days back-to-back starting form 22th Oct till 28th Oct aside for the monthly draws!

I have joined, why not u? :) :) Macam bestkan?

Click this toasted toes and you can register from there:
ugg boots uk

1-2 steps to register:
Copy-paste one of the two badges as below macam yours truly dah buat :)
And simply enter your name, email and blog address.

I hope i can wear MY WHOOGA UGG boots on the snow this winter! :)
Please send me a pair dear Whooga UGG!

p/s: Even kat Malaysia pun boleh pakai apa. I pakai masa tido dalam Air-cond. Takpun i buat family visit to Genting every month :)


*ayu the sun* said...

best luck dear!

yang last tu adalah saaannteeeeekk....

Ami said...

caring is sharing,thanks aida,good luck!dah free,harus cube.i just got myself a pair of leather boots(flat one) over the weekend,kalau mintak another one confirm hubby tak layan especially UGG nie.i dah lama nakkk this UGG boots tapi mahalnya la,but you're paying for the comfort,dah la comel.high heels leather boots are sexy but impractical to wear all day long,what more in the snow!kan?

Aida Narina said...

hehee, ayu moh la joinn. mana tau menang, aida tggu ayu datang bln 12 or 1 ni :)

Hanafedora said...

Haha kenapa post u nibulan November? Eiii promote2 boots.

Aida Narina said...

Ami: Hhehhee, ade orang cakap UGG boots ni macam lembik je kan? Tapi i rasa yg tu bukan UGG. Tapi kesian i tgk if bukan UGG, minah2 saleh ni pakai, tapak nye dah terkelepet terus jalan seret2 hehehe. Ni la i nak tunggu bulan jatuh keriba. Taknak bayar mahal2, tapi nak yang free :)

Hana: Hhehe, biar entry ni lekat je sampai middle Nov biar ramai yg bosan ;p. Latest update, kene scroll smpi bwh tau. :) Mariiii ramai2 join. Nak free UGG! :)

Shopaholic Mama said...

wow... I would love to have those boots too! Cool!

Moose said...

aida no offense ye, despite its comfy-ness i swear i'll never wear UGG boots! sebab for me UGG stands for UGG-LY. But that's just me. And oh the same applies to Crocs. Ngeh ngeh.

fizamior said...

babe!! sejuknye.. tak tahan u... good luck 4u dlm pencarian ugg tuh..haha!!

Aida Narina said...

Shopaholic Mama: Meh la joinnn :)

Moose: Hye u :) Thanks for sharing your thought abt UGG. This ugg-ly boots is actually different from the official UGG - This is Whooga and made not just for comfort, but to last even longer and stay in shape than the super-expensive UGG original. I'm still contemplating to buy using my own money, but if it's free, than why not. Best woo dapat pakai sambil tgk TV :).

Fizamior: Thanks dear, meh la joinn :)