Friday, August 14, 2009

Of Internet - less, Durian, And Bali

Tak sangka ada yang rindu :).

I arrived safely by Air Asia from London to Kuala Lumpur about last two weeks. Dah tak ingat tarikh since a lot have been going on since then. As soon as i arrived home, i did managed myself well around the house. Since mummy is working, thus the house chores need to be done - cleaning the house, washing, cooking (can i?). But this time around, i am not worried as we have our very own bibik who is good in cooking Malaysian food.

I was internet-less the whole 2 weeks - thanks to TM, but i took that as a way for me to do other things. In the morning i read books that i have bring back with me as well as watching the TV (nasib ada Astro - mind you, the last time i'm home, we still don't have Astro. Alasan emak nak suruh adik-adik belajar) ;p.

During lunchtime, my brothers are already home and we watched cartoons or DVD together. And at around 5.30pm, i'll follow mummy to her Aerobics and Pocho2 class. I did enjoyed doing the Aerobics but not into Pocho2 that much, might be because i don't really learn it from the start and just ikut mereka-mereka yang sudah mahir. But, it was good to know the dance as mummy said many of the corporate events or weddings do include pocho-pocho as part of the ceremony. Is it true? I have never been to one, but if i will, i should have known a few steps by then, teheeee :)

Owh, tentang durian. Yes i ate the durian! 2 biji for myself - bukan 2 ulas ye? Thanks to all the comments regarding the durian, i was terrified that i could not have them anymore as soon as i arrived home. Luck is on my side, and just near to my house, mummy got me the ones that i liked - isi yang kuning dan rasa sangat berlemak and i think i'm part of Malaysian again. :p

Bali Trip

We've bought the flight tickets and have made all the reservations earlier as we could. Since this will be my 3 brothers very first being on the plane, we have choosed Bali as our destination with regards to the difference in history/customs of the place and beautiful beach too! All 6 tickets were bought 3 months earlier and other services such as transfer from airport to hotel (vice versa), 1 day trip (all included) and 3 nights stay at two different hotels (one exactly in the city and one at Pantai Kuta, the famous beach for surfers) are booked 1 week before the journey using the travel agent.

Mari cuci of the pictures taken upon arrival and our first night in Bali :)

Adik paling bongsu, Ammar's first time being on the plane :)

Dah Maghrib.

Adik yang second-last, Emmer.

Baru sampai di Bali.

Pening kira duit juta-juta.

Our first time dine out in Bali.

Check-in to our hotel.

Ammar Iqmal.

Adi in front of the Ripcurl Padang surf event poster.

The Legian Street is where the bombing took place, and our hotel is just 200metres away.

Lepak tepi swimming pool :)

Our Hotel.

And since i will be away tonight to Johor Bahru to meet a few friends, i guessed i will get into the details about the trip to Bali later.Have a nice weekend all! :)


Mrs Imran said...

bali ni best gi ngan cinta hati :)


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

wehheeeee....sudah balik rupa nye...sempat la u puasa kan one whole month bout raya?!??! sempat tak?

Aida Narina said...

Mrs Imran: Hhehee, mesti kena pergi, tapi dis time Mrs Imran kene bawa dua cinta hati. Bali mmg romantik dan mengancam, tapi kene cari hotel yg strategic. Mesti pergi :)

Verde: Hhehee, alamak saya baca blog verde senyap2 je, ttiba verde tinggal comment :p.Tak sabar nak puasa dan beraya di Msia, esp selepas dah hampir baik sakit. Nak nikmati apa yg ada di Msia sblm kene balik belajar.

DaZzlingLilLy said...

bestnyer dapat gi bali.. i pergi zaman dolu2 nih..21 tahun lepas..hehe..

Anonymous said...

aaaah rindu bali!!
serious best kan gi sana especially bila berbicara dgn org sana and memborong barang..kan?

reena said...

Bestnya tgk u pi Bali! Bila la i nk sampai sn ni..Hehe.Btw cukup ke durian 2 biji je?

Aida Narina said...

DazzlingLilly: Dah lama tu. Masa i pergi sempat ziarah tugu masa pengeboman kat Legian Street, tempat hotel kami stay :)

newlifenewbeginning: orang sana mmg sangat baik tingkahlaku. Driver kami masa kat sana sangat sopan sampaikan pintu keta pun dia nak bukakkan. Kita pulak yg jadi segan. Kalau kat pantai, orang sana mmg xlokek masa, siap boleh borak teman mak :)

Reena: Reena, at first i pun rs macam leceh nak book semua inc hotel, transport, flight. Mak i harapkan i buat semua. Tapi nasib baik semua now boleh buat online. Bercuti dgn girls - sgt recommended. I suka sangat pantainya dengan wave yg sangat tinggi :)

CHIKA said...

saya tak penah pegi bali T___T
air bali pon saya tak minum saya tak suka. limau bali saya suka.

fine chika fine T___T


reena said...

You! Selamat berpuasa!

Aida Narina said...

Chika: Hhehee, selamat berpuasa chika :). Puasa2 ni sedap minum limau bali :)

reena: Hye you, selamat berpuasa too tau. Puasa di KL mesti bnyk juadah berbuka. I paling suka duduk rumah nenek bila puasa sbb semua org nak bg juadah berbuka :)

Moose said...

bestnye pegi Bali!! Psl Astro tu, my mum pun sama mcm ur mom, we only have astro in our hse after my younger sister finished her SPM ok! skrg ni, all of us dah tak duduk rumah my parents, so sapa nak tgk? my mum and dad jela..mcm comel whenever i called them, tanya tgh buat ape, my mum jwb oh tgk tgk discovery channel/national geographic..

Aida Narina said...

Moose: Hhehee, not bad tau sebab pergi ramai2 satu family, it gives different feelings and experiences. Dengan adik yg last umur 9 tahun, so u can guess the pe-el :p.

Ahhh, tuhla rasa beruntung adik2 i dah dapat Astro. Time i pun, tak merasa nak berastro. Tengok jela basic channels - tapi suka sbb dulu tgk Beautiful Life (Takuya Kimura) di channel 2 kot malam2 pukul 11/12. Mak i so far sangat kurang tgk TV, and i rasa lagi 8 years after bersara baru dia boleh enjoy watching TV :)