Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bila Tak Boleh Duduk Diam

I had hectic days since last Wednesday. It all started after i sent Alan to London before he went back to Malaysia to settle his documents with M*ARA for MSc at King's College London which will start this September. Since i'll be back to Malaysia this end July, i decided to work, part-time with the Uni. Kerja apa? Biasa2 aja and sangat penat. Mana tak nya, i've lost another kg throughout this week make it total of 6kgs since last October. :)

Today i opt to work half-day (since i'll be working back-to-back till Sunday) and decided to do a little shopping to treat myself for working so hard. Plus, tak tahan tengok offer everywhere-anywhere and my mum did said that my three little brothers were asking if they could have a few tees and shirts from here. Of course is said yes! :)

Adik2 lelaki ku satu besar, 3 kecik ;p

3 untuk engkau, 3 untuk engkau, 3 untuk engkau. Aku tak ade?

Ain't this a beauty? Half-price now at Clarks! :)

For raya i guess :)

Tie R*ack mesti ada! TISF will be updated this weekend! :)

And since it's hot to go out jogging or even to walk to the gym, i opt for a better way of doing home! I know it's hard to stick on the routine and to do it even once or twice a week. But to keep fit and to relax the muscles that i've used when working, these DVDs would be perfect. All you need is just the guts to stick on the plan! All you need is just a DVD player and a TV! :)

InsyaAllah, will start by tomorrow and can't wait to see the results.

Davina: High Energy Five &
Yogalates for weight loss.

Review for these videos will be up in one month (if ada changes!) ;p


diyanashukor said... the shuzz... cantik nyer.. merah makngahh lg.. hihihi...

reena said...

Cantiknya wedges tu!

Omg i dah lama gila tak beli TR. Pokai la..Huhu :p

DaZzlingLilLy said...

comel ler clarks fav kaler..tgk u punya cd yoga teringat yg i penah beli..hehe..2/3 kali jer guna..pastu taktau dh kat mana..apa2 pon god luck with ur workout aida..

naimatulrais said...

girl, murahnya kasut tu! cantik... and the exercise dvd--i will be waiting for your next entry on it!

Hanafedora said...

oho oho oho...I nk pergi clarks laaa this saturday :D

Leeds Al-Malique said...

eh mana gambar noirliliana? hehehe

farah said...

haii aida, so nice d kids clothes...sorry i know this is not yr sales blog but if i nk order for kids clothing, do u do purchase? pls let me know...

Ms Lola said...

YES babe, the Clarks are so beautiful!!! KEnapa takdak kat melaysia????

Aida Narina said...

diyanashukor: hehee, kannn? suka la merah metallic gitu macam colour untuk kereta ;p

Reena: tuhla, tapi macam tinggi pula. tapi selesa. probably boleh pakai bila hanya naik kereta and turun depan rumah orang mase beraya. jalan hanya beberapa langkah. reena beli la TR untuk raya :)

DazllingLilly: I jarang ade kasut merah. Tapi yang ni tak boleh dilepas pandang. ;p Thanks dear. Eyh mari buat yoga at home sama2. Untuk kesihatan :)

Naimatulrais: Act 30pounds was a bit expensive. Selalu clarks akan turun sampai tinggal 10+ je darl. Worth to buy :)

Hanafedora: Hanaaa, London banyak Clarks! Seronok la you! :)

Aida Narina said...

Leeds: I nak buat entry special ni Leeds sebab nak compare the changes. InsyaAllah by middle next week i update. Baik punya :)

Farah: Hi darl, drop me an email at I would be happy to help you. :)

Ms Lola: I tak pernah jumpa, tapi a friend cakap ada kat KL tak silap. Tapi jarang ada sale!! Haritu die belikan untuk her sis, kat Msia still full price, kat sini half price. Untung tuu :P

Anonymous said...

awwwww... merahnya! :D
nice tho.
i wonder kalau i pakai cantek ke tak.i always hv this feeling whenever nk try something new especially kalau color nya "outstanding" skit.hehee


Mrs Taj said...

wahhh canteq bya red wedges tu...nk jugak satu blh? iskkkk