Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bila Bulan Lagi Cantik Dari Muka Sendiri

Growing up as the only daughter to my mum was the greatest thing that i could ever imagine. All the attentions and dedications was sincerely made to me, the only girl. Even when i got my first period, she shared everything that she knew about 'it' and thought me well on how to be hygienic and at the same time to be a real woman ;p. And when i've reached the time where "acnes, zits, spots, redness, imbalance complexion" were included in my life-dictionary, mummy will set me with the very best options of treating the skin problems that i'm facing. Be it Facial spa, skin-care products, vitamins and traditional medicines, i have tried them all for the sake of taking care of myself, the only girl.

Can you see that she's pwetty without no skin problems?
Smooth skin, good complexion. Sigh... :p

This is me 3 years back, innocence and muda remaja.

I've been using Clini*que products for almost 2 years now, and the products have done a good job by keeping the problems away. Spots/zits/redness/acne problems do sometimes come and go and 'they' have built a harmony village of cruelty around the chin area. No other than that! Can you imagine, there's A, married to B, got kids, C,D,E,F,G,H......Z in a village called 'chin'.


It's all started one month ago, after i've just finished with the 2nd semester exam. 'They' have moved around from one place to another on my face! It's like 'their' harmony village can't fit 'them' all anymore! 'They' have moved significantly on my forehead! All big, small, red spots full with fluid! *Erk*.

After considering a few options on how to treat the skin (i don't really go to facial spa or treatment in UK - pricewise, its not worth to spend) , i've decided to try the natural and organic product by Noirliliana (Pronounced: Na-Wa-R-Lily-On-Na) to substitute the normal products i have always used. Thanks to the world of blogging, upon reading Leeds' post, she has recommended the products to others and described it as "no chemical, 100% natural and home made and berbau sangat semulajadi" :)

Acne treatment clarifying toner 4oz
Sensitive Rosacea Oil for Face Serum Lotion 2oz
Soothing Toner 2oz
Clarifying Salicylic Acid Facial Wash 4oz
Clean Rinsing Cleansing Oil For Face 4oz
Sweet Orange Goat Milk Soap For Face body and Baby (Free)

Before using the products, i was a bit terrified of the smells as it seems like the smell of 'minyak gamat' or 'baby oil' or 'Bio-Oil'. Each of the products have their each distinctive smell. And, once i've started using it, i truely love the natural (like baby) smell on my face in the morning and at night before i went to sleep. And now i wonder why i didn't bought the scrub and cream as well? But the face serum was also useful to keep your face mosturized. Next purchase i guess? :)

This is 3 days after using the products.
The acne problems have reduced around the forehead.

This is the latest picture after 1 week of using the product.
What a difference kan?

1) I noticed that my T-zone did not easily gets oily like before.
2) Acne problems reduced to very minimal.
3) Whiter skin? My other half said that i looked whiter than before after not seeing me for 3 weeks.
4) Skin so smooth to touch and smells good, all day long. Believe me! :p

Thanks to Leeds and Noirliliana! :)


reena said...

Wah memang nampak perubahan la :)

Leeds Al-Malique said...

Wahhhhhh! memang nampak beza! hihi seminggu je pulak tu dah nampak beza,glad it works for u :) kalau produk kat counter yg claimed can see results in 4-6 weeks pun selalunya tak nampak result pun :)

I don't have acne so tak la nampak result mcm u but i love touching my face now, so smoooth, aida pasni u should order Super Smoothing Scrub, marvelous :)

Serum mmg berminyak bila pakai but pakai masa nk tido je la kan, i think Loccitane Very Precious yg 300 lebih tu pun takleh lawan betapa lembutnya kulit keesokan hari :)

Thanks to Chics and Noirliliana :)

busyuksayang said...

jerawat pemanis nie...even byk kat muka, don't worry coz u still nampak manis dear :)

Farah said...

tumpang tanye..produk ni boleh dpt kat US je? i tgk pricing die dlm USD...nak beli for my hubby..lately ni jerawat die naik plak..dah tua2 pon ade jerawat hahaha..

chika said...

Hiiiiiiii. Tell more please, macam kasi briefing sikit dekat I. hahahaha. eh i serius nak tau la jugak pasal produk ni.

Moose said...

seriously it works! have to recommend this to my bf!

DaZzlingLilLy said...

amazing..nampak perubahan ketara..

Mrs Taj said...

meaning that this stuffs mmg sesuai la dgn sis...kat msia blh dapat ke brg2 ni?

Hanafedora said...

Aida...I don't have acne and My face is not oily at all... But I'm facing Dryness problem...I'm using simple now.. Its ok as it is no color no perfume..just kind :D mahal tk skin care you ni?

Aida Narina said...

Reena: Hhehe, thanks Reena. Ada skin care baru semangat sebenarnya nak guna :)

Leeds: Thanks Leeds. I pun tercari2 the most suitable product at a very reasonable price. Murah sebab for 5 products baru 30+pounds = RM180 camtu. And im glad that it works. Jerawat berisi dah surut and sekarang tinggal nak hilang kan parut. Betul la, kulit lembut umpama bontot baby hehehe. Love it! :)

Aida Narina said...

Busyuksayang: Hhehe, thanks dear. Im used to have clear and flawless forehead. Bila naik jerawat terus cepat risau. Sekarang yg penting kene disiplin sikit ;p

Farah: Yup Farah, only kat sahaja. Payment guna Paypal shj i rasa. Bagus try product ni, mana tau ada changes. :)

Chika: Hhehhe, i tahu product ni from Leeds, one of the blogger. Then you boleh view the products/register kat a website called and select the seller ---Noirliliana. Dia ada banyak selections of products for face, body and hair. Organic and natural, so far tak ada kesan sampingan. :)

Aida Narina said...

Moose: Yup-yup, two thumbs up for Natural and Organic product. Harga pun berpatutan :)

DazzlingLilly: Thanks to Noirliliana and Leeds. Disiplin paling penting juga, hehehe. :)

Mrs Taj: Alhamdulillah sesuai. No side effects and kulit sudi terima product ni. Unfortunately hanya ada dari US, from the website --> ---> search Noirliliana. Payment pun Paypal shj tapi boleh register. :)

Hanafedora: Tuhla, i'm greatful after using this product, my T-zone dah tak oily macam dulu. I little oily but still controlable. Pakai make-up pun tak cepat berminyak. Glad that ive tried it. Harga for all 5 items tak silap i 40pounds = RM200+

Amira said...

If this product really work...kalah Dermalogica (mahal)

Aida Narina said...

Hye Amira :) Tuhla different products will suit different people. So far, i tak pernah purchase skin care yang tak ada brand (such as clinique etc). Tapi, my face have reached a phase where mass-produced products no longer effective for the skin. Worth a shot! :)

Mrs Imran said...

wah tiba2 i pon nk tercuba! hehe..

Mrs Imran said...

oh kejap..baru perasan ada Salicylic Acid..

neway just utk info , utk pregnant ladies it is best to avoid Salicylic Acid yer :)

utk yg tk pregnant..boleh guna, no harm. just pregnant ladies bahaya sket and satu lagi retinoil acid. selalu ada dlm ubat jerawat la.

Aida Narina said...

Mrs Imran: Thanks for the info dear. A'ah selalunya before buat purchase, dia akan tulis the ingredients. Btw, the info is useful for future reference. :)

Alhamdulillah so far banyak changes. Tapi yg penting disiplin. :)

Mrs Imran said...

aha!..for future reference..hehe

takper lepas ni sure jadi cute balik :)

Rasyidah Abd. Aziz said...

kengkadang pakai yang mahal pun kalau tak serasi ngan kulit, tak jadi apa gak...yang penting serasi

Aida Narina said...

Mrs Imran: Hhehhee, thanks Mrs Imran. I takut balik ni mak tak kenal anak je sbb dah tak cute, hehe ;p

Rasyidah: Betul. Bagus juga yg ni serasi and harga pun tak mahal sgt. Jd kalau tak sesuai tak rasa rugi. Tapi organic memang bagus selalunya kan? :)

JIVEBUMZ said...

mmg nampak perubahan nye walaupon baru seminggu pakai produk tu kan.. pepon teruskan pakai produk tu if seswai ngn kulit awak k

hannan said...

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