Saturday, June 06, 2009

This Is So Fashion Updated! :)

Dear Friends and Family :)

Kindly visit This Is So Fashion as we have updated our shop!
We have about 50 Tie Rack scarves from Square, Oblong and also Neck scarves.
Go grab yours now and enjoy your shopping trip! :)


ileena said...

aida.if i nak beli your TR scrves, can u bring them back to kl? so tht i can byr you straight away. sbbnya..haha. i takde maybnk2u!!!Okay sgt sedih kan.tak pnah activate ape2 pun and from here tak boleh buat.
sad.let me know okay!:)thanx!

Aida Narina said...

Hi Ileena. I think that is possible. Sebab a friend is going back to Msia pun, probably around the 24th June. I balik lambat lagi around end July. U pick the ones that u would like to have, and then we can do cash on collection? Just email me at kay :)