Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Single Ladies, Put A Ring On It!

Omg! I am sooo in love with Beyonce after seeing her Live onstage at O2 Arena, London yesterday! She's passionate with what she's doing, dancing and singing for all the 20 thousands people. Her performance was rated as 5-stars, wild and wicked and she knew how to entertain her fans.

8 of us arrived at 02 Arena a bit early at 6pm, as we needed to collect our tickets around 6.30pm. I did Jamak my solat on the way to the concert. Grab a quick dinner - McD Fillet O'Fish set - and we ate just outside the stadium while waiting for the counters to open. Lucky us, everyone else has got their tickets posted to their house addresses, thus the queue was not long at all! Then, we toured around O2 Arena which was purposely built for all kinds of events with entertainment facilities such as bars and restaurants, cinema and shops too! Bayangkan before tengok concert boleh shopping2 :p

At 7.30pm we entered the main door to our seatings and settled ourselves with drinks and cameras. Our seatings was next to the stage while one of our friend Ali, did bought the first row ticket that costs him 350pounds! He stands exactly right in front of the stage! Madness kannn. Jealous! Artists that did showed up was Estelle (British R&B singer-songwriter)
and a few others. The show started at 8.30pm with the opening acts from Zarif (A British Singer) then by Chantelle (She's the newcomer with her single - T-shirt). And at around 9ish, Beyonceee mesmerized us all with her performance! Love it.

She starts the concert
Beyonce's way, almost obscured with smoke and stalks out of curtains on the main stage. After halfway of the concert, she did a gimmicked by flying over from the main stage to the center stage. It seems like she's walking on the air :p

Btw, i will let the pictures shows yesterday's excitement. Teringat-ingat masa satu stadium nyanyi kan lagu '
Irreplaceable' to Beyonce, inc me! To the left-to the left! :p

6 of us (lagi 2 guys tolong tangkap gambar!)

Getting ready!

Its her! :p

Macam nightie, but she's gorgeous pun, so nvrmind :p

Beyonce when she was 5!

Kawan2 yang sakan nyanyi!

While doing the Single Ladies routine!

I am yours Beyonce! :p

A few close-up pictures from my friend, Ali who did shook Beyonce's hand 5 times! That's more than enough untuk tak tido malam termimpi2 lagu Single Ladies!

Its us from the stage.

You are such a lucky guy la Ali! :p

Cantik kan her outfit? :)

Sangat-sangat close-up!

B walking on the air! :p

Doing the Single Ladies routine!

Single Ladies, Put a ring on it!

Love u Beyonceeeee :)

I am a one happy lady! :p


mEiZ AraNda said...

best giler dear..;)

i heart B juga...

like HALO most!!!

Ms Lola said...

OMG bestnya dpt close-ups tu!!!!!

reena said...



U are sooo lucky! And your friend, Ali too! Gila punya close up. And 5 times? Wow! Memang tak basuh tangan 5 bulan. Haha.

Beyonce kalau perform memang tak berkelip mata tengok (But in my case, tengok kat tv je la..Hehe).

DaZzlingLilLy said...

bestnyer dapat gi tgk konsert beyonce..i pn minat lagu2 dia

naimatulrais said...

arrgghhh jeles!

*ayu* said...


Nurhayati said...

love her too =)

Ami said...

she looks like a dancing doll!cantekk!lucky youuuu!

Leeds Al-Malique said...

saye suka gambar first! :D

Aida Narina said...

Miez Aranda: I love Halo tooo. Tu lagu last masa concert tau. :)

Miss Lola: Tuhlaaa, i dapat tgk jauh juga, but lucky Ali dapat tgk jarak 5cm! :p

Reena: As soon as keluar concert, ade ke kawan2 i sume nak pegang tgn ali untuk dapat kan aura Beyonce. I cakap kat ali, nape tak cabut sehelai rambut B, boleh buat klon and letak kat rumah :p

DanzzlingLily: Tuhla, nasib baik the time dia buat concert im still here in UK :)

Naimatulrais: :p :p

Ayu: Ayu tgk gambar aida kiut and speechless ke, sebab Beyonce hot and ayu speechless :p

Nurhayati: Love her toooo :)

Ami: A'ah, i suka tgk B masa iklan Nintendo's Rhythm Heaven DS game. She cute. Btw kan ami, my friend ali tu kata die perasan leggings Beyonce koyak sikit :p Sampai macamtu punye dekat! :p

Leeds: Hhehee, Thanks Leeds! I cuba pelbagai gaya taknak bagi playsuit yang i pakai nampak awkward :p

::@FiQ said...

ya allah..aku nak pingsan akibat jelous ya amat...
aduii tlg2!


Aida Narina said...

Hhehee, jangan jeles ye afiq. :p

CiKaYu said...

OMG!!!.....nk sangat tgk live dia menari lagu single ladies tu.