Thursday, June 04, 2009

If Only I Had Wings!

I'm officially now free! Yeayyyy... The last paper which was yesterday was not bad at all. I'm satisfied with the last paper as it ends the term and here i am, ready for summer! :)

By the way, in between the 3 papers, i had treated myself with a few things. I bought myself a cute maxi-dress, checkered shirt, a necklace from Principles (which i have made some alteration to the length myself yesterday), also a cute short dress to be worn to the Beyonce's concert (probably will wear it with skinny jeans or leggings) and ofcors, a few bits and pieces for my sales blog :)

With all of my friends all excited going wild shopping like God-knows-how these few days, i did joined them after exam yesterday and today too! Since sales have not yet started, thus i just feast my eyes on the floral dress and skinny jeans. Oh my, i love-love most of the tops at Topshop and the handbags! Denim mini skirts are everywhere. Cuci mata je, bukan boleh pakai :p. Jumpsuits/playsuits are soo nice too!! Nice to see and nice to own!

Checkered shirt from Miss Selfridge, Abstract Maxi dress, Floral Mini dress from New Look and Necklace from Principles.

For today's event, we went to the cinema to watch 'Angels and Demons' the movie after did some shopping around 5.30pm. Since Maghrib is around 9pm, we did have enough time to kill. I have been waiting to watch the movie since it has just been released, but due to time constraints and exams and for all of the reasons, today was like the perfect day for girls (plus one boy) day out.

Words couldn't describe how awesome the movie was (just like 'The Da Vinci Code'). But this time, it was a bit different as i haven't read the book first before i decided to watch the movie. I did finished reading the first part (eventho the first part was totally different as in the movie! opss), but i ended up sleeping later after that. I should have not done that! :p

By the way, watching the movie was like reminiscing old good memories as i've been to most of the places in the movie. The St Peter's Square and The St Peter's Basilica, The Vatican City, The Pantheon, The Sistine Chapel, The Castle Sant'Angelo, The Colosseum and all. It was our (suprisingly me and my current three housemates) trip to Italy two years back where we've been to Milan, Lake Como, straight to Venice, Florence then to Pisa and last but not least, Rome. Owh how i missed being there again. It was the best trip i've ever had. :)

All i had was the photos taken, and since rajin nak upload them, here are some of the good old times photos! :)

In front of the Colosseum (with the fake warriors).

In front of the Arc of the Constantine.

The Pantheon.

In the Pantheon.

Rome's Heritage Site.

The Colosseum.

The Vatican City.

St Peter's Square.

Eyh rindu laaaaa nak pergi sana semula....

p/s: 5 stars for 'Angels and demons'! A must-watch movie :)


reena said...

Weehhoooo! Cepat-cepat update sales blogs k?

Eh, tunjuk la u beli apa.Nak tengok! Mesti cun! Huwaaa..Jelesnya u boleh shopping best-best kat sana. Hehe.

mEiZ AraNda said...

bestnyerrrrrrr u.....;)

Hanafedora said...

aida...tell me how to go to lake como tuh...And plus the vatican city..Next week I dh nk gi dh ni..nk amik details kt you..But I'll be going for only 2 people.. :) email me or add I kt ym-hanafedora

reena said...

Babeee! Cantiknya that floral mini dress tuuu! I tak pernah ada baju floral or any baju yang bercorak.Hari tu masuk Forever21 pening tak tau nak try mana satu baju floral.Hehe.

Aida Narina said...

Reena: Beli la satu, mesti comel u pakai. U pakai skinny jeans under the dress then pakai plain scarves je. Then u kan ada all kinds of bangles, mesti cantikkk. Yang i beli tu pun nasib ade sale, so 10pounds je, murah kan.

Miez Aranda: Hehehee, rasa shopping kat sini sama je kot dgn kat Msia, tapi exciting juga sbb since now dah summer, so tops/dresses pun bertukar2 ikut season :)

Hanafedora: Okay dear, will add u as soon as possible :). Bestnye pegi Italy. Nak ikut :pp

reena said...

Babe, i've send an email kat thisissofashion punya email.