Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friends Are Forever

Dear readers,

This is a late entry as this event happened last weekend. Me and all my girlfriends went picnic/birthday celebration/end of term celebration at the nearest green spot, lebih kurang park camtu (asalkan green and ada benches). It was a pot-luck event, and as usual, the cake-maker in the making pun buat lah Oreo cheesecake, again. :) This time around, the base was made from rich-tea biscuits and the cheesy center were filled with oreos.

Birthday girls - Maya, Nadia and Ili

With the Birthday Girls.

We picked a spot near a table-bench and placed all the yummylicious food there. I've been freaking out about my diet these few weeks, but on that day, i couldn't cared less about the food i have consumed. Mana taknya, ada cottage pie (ke shepherd's pie), meggi goreng special, laksa penang, nasi and ayam (ampun nadia, i lupa nama masakkan u), chicken wings and a few side dishes. Btw, since entry ni dah basi sikit, so let's enjoy the pictures :)

Us all.

The faces that i'm going to miss!

Cobaan melompat (cik kiah angkat skirt)

With my lovely housemates.

Mesti ada gambar solo :p

Birthday girls with their presents :) Bestnya being old! :)

How i am going to miss them, the arguments, the emotions we've shared and the times we've spent with each other. Yela, masing2 dah nak balik Malaysia for good.


Ms Coci~ said...

How lovely when you come the same place again next time bcause you will see every memory everywhere=p

reena said...

Bestnya korang ada aktiviti camni. Eh, u balik M'sia (for good) bila?

reena said...

Btw, dress u sangat la comelll!

mEiZ AraNda said...

wah bestnyer....;)

cant wait for my besday next week.....
ada present x?hihihii

Aida Narina said...

Ms Coci: True, mcm tinggal jejak kan. How time flies and lepas ni kena go through different thing pula.

Reena: I akan stay sini lagi la. Tengok dulu camane, sambung or kerja. Sapa nak bagi i kerja ni :p

Reena: Thanks reena, kalau panjang lagi boleh jadi maxi dress kan? I suka teh colour :)

Miez Aranda: Birthday nexy week? Happy birthday in advance dear :) :). Okay nanti i singgah blog u bagi hadiah :p