Thursday, May 28, 2009

She's the Boyler

Oh-my! After dah masyuk-masyuk suka tak sabar nak tengok Susan Boyle in the final show for the Britain's Got Talent this Saturday, tiba-tiba tengok berita (ter!) yang she's backing up from the show!!

They said that she had enough with the pressure and she has been in "
floods of tears" this week suffering from all sorts of media and public attentions.
Yelah, bayangkan a simple lady from a small village in Blackburn, Scotland tiba-tiba received numerous attentions and some of them are bad!

Tapi, the news stated as "she has leaved the hotel yesterday and she need a time off from all these things".

Oh-my, please la Susan Boyle is still in the competition.
She's really one of the reason i tengok BGT!

Refer here for the details :)


Cik Pika said...

pujuk dia cepattttt!!! sian Susan.

Aida Narina said...

ahahhaa, nak panggil akak ke aunty? sbb nak sama age as my mummy, panggil aunty la kan. --- aunty...please do leave us. we loveeee uuu ----


Nadia Dzai said...

Oh!! ehe tak ikut pon.. tapi Azli ikut, but I watched(when I kat sane :p) the episode mase first time Susan nyanyi, seriously I tot another 'weird' person try her luck. But I definitely wrong!!