Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Life Is Super-Hassle

Last two weeks was the busiest weeks of all. I have a few courseworks to submit, deadlines to meet, and at the same time i did updated my blog shop! I am a busy super-woman! :p

I realized that handling two things that are really important to me was not easy. Both need extra attention since one involved university's life-my future job-to feed the family-source for shopping spree and one involved ongoing business-money coming in-money coming out. Hectic but at the same time challenging! :). Love it.

I knew that everybody felt the same way as i am. When you are busy with things that you love to do and you managed it well, you'll feel complete, content.

Thus, in order to relax myself, i decided to spend last weekend+Bank Holiday Monday for a gateway in London for 4 days, 3 nights at Alan's brother's house at Bayswater. It has been a while since i have visited Alan's brother and sis-in-law. And since i've wanted so much to go boating at Hyde Park, we even spent one day walking, sitting around and go for boating there. :)

Kasut cantik yang menggigit kaki! :p

Bila panas sila pakai kaca-mata coklat jenama Aldo berharga 3pounds!

Tukang kayuh boat. Botak dan kacak! Ahaks!

Kayuh bang, jauh lagi nak sampai sungai Melaka ni.

Bukan sekadar hiasan. Penyumbang utama round satu tasik.

Muke super-excited!

Dah burn 400kcals, boleh cover dengan double scoop vanilla ice-cream!

Puas! :)

p/s: Gadis-gadis manis, do visit both my blog shops - This Is So Fashion & Fashion Forward! :)


reena said...

Bestnyaaaa! Sweet gila naik boat.

Cik Pika said...

nampak plastic bag tie rack! hahaha.

Aida Narina said...

Reena: Mule2 sweet je reena, pastu dah berombak dah penangan penat kayuh sampan. Maybe kalau org kayuh kan, tasik akan selamanya tenang. Achehhhh :p

Cik Pika: Ahaaaa kantoiiiii gadis tie rack!! :pp hehehee. Hi sayangku, where have u been? Dh lame menyepi! :)

Ami said...

I lovee the weather these days!!Best sgt2 kan?pss lepas jogging pon i selalu cari ice cream gak boleh?=p