Thursday, May 07, 2009

Fashion Forward Updated

Hey Ladies,

Visit Fashion Forward for clothes and accessories from high-street brands such as Miss Selfridge, Principles, Zara, Warehouse and many more at a reasonable price!


ileena said...

thanx for dropping by.hehe.
bila balik msia?
in any case, will you be going to bicester village for some shopping before balik msia?
hehehe...*let me know if ada plan!*

Aida Narina said...

hi ileena! insyaAllah mesti pergi!! simpan duit dulu baru buat rombongan :pp. plus org msia menanti aje i bawa balik hadiah utk diorg :p. will let u know later! :)

NZZ said...

Hi MS Aida,

I'm one of your silent reader, btw since you are staying in UK, nak tanya, are the shops in UK gonna be on sale in the first week of June? I'm asking coz my sis is goin there in early June nanti.

Thanks in advance ya...