Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bila Rinduuuuu

3 weeks from now, i'll be sitting in the examination hall, thinking soo hard about the car that i'll drive when i have the money to buy one (Subj: Materials Service Performance), how big will my flat screen TV be (Subj: Acoustic and Noise Control) and how many handbags could i afford each year (Subj: Optimization). I am living in my dreams. It's not wrong to dream, while you know that you are working hard to achieve it, betul kan?

Talking about dreams, the est example to me will be Alan's Big brother, Mr. Azmall (don't laugh Alan!). Once, he was just like me, being far from family and lived on his dreams. Graduated as an architect, he dreamed of owning a house, be it small or big. Dreamed of driving a hot and sporty car with the other half and have babies too! Looking at his life now while he's still 32, i knew that dreams do come true upon hard work. You need to work it your own way because it's yours, not others. And know he owned two houses in London, one in Malaysia and not to forget, a Range Rover! I heard that he had convinced the company he worked for in London to open a branch in Malaysia. He is living his life being married to the love of his life (for 3 years now) and guess what? He's is expecting his first child in December! I envy his achievements, not that he is capable to splurge his money on anything, it's because of the satisfaction he felt. I want to be in that place, where i'll feel content.

InsyaAllah, there will be a long way for me to go. Keep on dreaming Aida! :)

Okay weekend2 macam ni tak buat apa2 sangat. I did remembered that it was my daddy's birthday last few days. We never did celebrate the special day, but deep down inside my pray goes to him, each and every day. Ok, sedey! :(

The picture above was taken when i was nearly 4 years old. I couldn't remembered where the picture was taken, but i do remember the first time i went paddling with him. Agaknya that's why i was soo keen to go boating last week.

When i had a hard time, i will just stare at his pictures or, i'll go to my brother's (Adi) Facebook pictures, stare them for a few minutes and laugh. Hheheee, he resembles my dad a lot! :)

Dah besar dah adik aku!

Kakak miss u daddy!

p/s: Happy Mother's day mummy! (Kalau mummy baca la :) ).


reena said...

Babe, i always dream the same things too.Sampai i fikir macam nak start my life all over again.but i don't know how and what to do, what path that i have to choose and things like that.Hppy belated birthday untuk daddy u.Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki selalu :)

Aida Narina said...

Tuhlaa, we sometimes ponder upon things yang kita nak sampai lupa apa yang kita ada. Maybe belum sampai masa untuk both of us kan? Takpe, u go girl. Mari kita naikkan spirit kita and work hard. Gambatte-ne :p

Ami said...

hye aida,
all the best with your exam!!
It's good that you have sth to keep you motivated!My case-kalau fail,i have to pay M*RA one whole RM300K hahaha,ingat the amount mesti rajin pegi study =p
Esok my final paper dah,ade 8 all together.Muke,bilik,kitchen semua dah comot neh =p

Aida Narina said...

Hi Ami :). Thanks!! Ami, if Masters thru M*ARA mmg kene bayar balik terus the full amount eyh? Bahaya! Takpe, chaiyok2 ami. InsyaAllah u'll do great (tadi kan last ppr u?). Nanti dh habis semua, please qada' tido and update blog :). Go jln2. Omg, me and some of my friends dah plan nak buat road-trip early June ni. Tak sabar. As for Ami, bila pegi tempat hubby lagi? :)

shoptilldrop said...

other half dpt IC or Imperial? so dia nk pergi mana??? horrayyyy...haha I did my master in Kings and now PhD in Imperial... So nnti dia jadi junior I la either way... Dia kat mana skang? You final year kan? dia course ape? banyak plak soalan i :P