Friday, April 24, 2009

I am Fierce

After about 2 months of thinking, deciding, searching for Beyonce's Concert tickets, i can now confirmed that i just bought the ticket (tickets) for the 8th June show at 02 Arena London! :). I am going with 5 other friends. :)

Love you Beyonce! SUKA!!

The best part is, our seating area is very close to the stage, and we can have a clear view of Beyonce doing the single ladies routine. Awwww, i can't just imagine Beyonce waving at me! Glad that i have bought the tickets, glad that the concert will be after exams and glad that it is Beyonce!! :)

Our seating plan! (gambar yang kecil!) :)


snowiffy said...

owwhhhh!!!!!!! tu nk tgk beyonce! kim salam kt dia ya. ckp macik timah kim salam..sure dia ingat nye...hehehe ' i hope u enjoy d concert n jgn lupa update nnt k

Mrs LVoe said...

suara beyonce classssss

reena said...

Bestnya pi konsert Beyonceee!!! Kem salam kat dia eh? ;p

Tyazizul said...

damn!u pegi ke beyonce..beyonce dtg jugakkk i nak tgkk pcd..tiket dah habis...sedey kan!

miralatiff said...

Sila updates nanti yer cik Aida dear...with pictures makcik Beyonce yang hot itu..=)