Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hari Membebel :)

Weekend yang indah tak selalunya indah bila kene bangun pagi dan pergi mengundi, betul tak? Since mengundi secara rasmi (mengundi parti pilihan hati, atau pemimpin yang berkaki-lebar) is something that i have never done before (walaupun umur dah nak mencecah suku abad), so i was thinking that why should i wait till the next "pilihan raya" in Malaysia while i can do it here in UK. :)

Early this morning i woke up at 5.30am and perform the Subuh prayer, and i tried to get back to sleep later. But, i was so hooked up in front of my laptop, answering questions and taking orders from the This Is So Fashion customers until 8am. Since i have promised myself and one of my housemates to attend the MSA AGM 2009 (Malaysian Student Association - Annual General Meeting - i hope it's right! - 2009), i rushed to get ready as early as 9.30am (awal la kan since its Saturday?). The event was supposed to start by 10 at one of the University's lecture theater. But, me (and others too!) being Malay-sian, we arrived approximately around 10.30am (30mins late). Noted myself that it should not happened again.

Other than delicious food being served, the event was famous because of 2-hours Q&A session known as "masa menghentam committee last year". Macam kat Malaysia kan, kita as masyarakat that have voted for our beloved leaders will questioned for what they have done for the countries and what have benefited us. Mana yang tak betul, tak bagus semua dipertikaikan. Since i have been to the meeting four times (for four years now), i realized that this year it was held secara berhemah. Instead of "menghentam" committee, everybody took it easy and move forward with plans and agendas. Glad that it went very well. And today, i have voted for new committee members and hoping that Malaysian will be taken care very well under one society :).

I love to accompany my entries with pictures,

Guys waiting to vote.

Guys again.

Me and girlfriends. :)

Me with one of my housemates, Buna.

Undi saya kak!

Saya jugaaa!

Liza: Handsome gak mamat ni ;ppp

Girls being girls.

Dan selepas itu kami main bumper car beramai-ramai di area Universiti dengan perut yang sendat. 1 pound sekali main! Murahhhhh :)

Esok bebel lagi :) :)


Nani said...

Ok2.. Sok bebel lagi ye. Hehe..
Sekarang ni semua orang dah tak rajin nak update blogs. Bosan2.

reena said...

"...pemimpin berkakilebar" Hehe.Comel.

Aida Narina said...

Nani: Tuhlaa i pun tgh kebuntuan idea nak update apa. Sekarang life couldn't be anymore interesting for me. Just belajar, coursework, Tie Rack, tgk tv. Thanks nani for visiting :)

Reena: Saje je kan i nak buat metaphor. Yeke? Hhehehee. :pp

*ayu* said...

jeles! jeles! nak naik bumper car jugaaaakk!!!!

Anna Mariya said...

Hi Aida!
I remember you.
Aida Narina right hihi..=) what a small world!~~
Macamanala you boley jumpa my blog tu, takde ape pun dalam tu hahha, ade pictures of food je!
Anyway, yes, heard a lot about you dulu2..tapi tak sempat jumpa =) =)
I am graduating soon, so skarang tgh lepak, and nnt nak balik Malaysia this June. Hopefully this Swine Flu akan settled cepat cepat la!
Bertambahla one blog for me boley baca baca nih ~~

Wellington, NZ

Aida Narina said...

Ayu: Kat Malaysia susah kan nak jumpa bumper car, esp yang seringgit kan? Rasa nya last time aida naik bumper car kat msia, was dkt funfair kat melaka. Hhehee :p

Anna: I bloghopping, terjumpa blog u! I kenal u juga sgt, btw at least i kenal u (wpon xpernah jumpa) and ada satu lagi blog i boleh baca juga :). I link u yeah?