Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Demam Lip Ice

Saje je nak tolong promote kan one of my cousins (Kartini Kamaruzzaman) yang join the lip ice competition :)

To those who don't know how and where to vote:

Go to:
1)Select contest (at the top bars) and then gallery (at the bottom bars).
2)Enter --- --- at the search column.
3)And vote :)

p/s: I can't join the contest since kat sini tiada product lip ice, but maybe if i can ask someone from Malaysia to post for me, i think i could send my picture too (since it ends august 2009) :pp

p/s/s: reena please join the contest, i ajak satu kampung vote for you :p


reena said...

Ha? I ka? I nak join..but..i'm not famous like other (especially famous bloggers) yang join..(yeah i know tak baik rasa give up dari awal :p).But maybe i'll change my mind kot.Hehe.

Btw, contest dateline bukan 31st May ke?

Aida Narina said...

Hhehhee, takpe reena, xfamous tapi ramai je kwn2 u akan vote for u. Yeke dateline nye 31st may? Maybe i silap absorb sebab die tulis result kot keluar august, bukan contest ends. Huhuu :)