Saturday, March 28, 2009

Save the Pandas

Hi everyone :)

Sedar-tak sedar dah 7 days since my last entry. Other than busy updating my sales blog, i did some reading and have watched tv 24/7. There goes 1/4 of my holiday. I assumed that the past one week was just lepak-ing week.

And guess what, while people back home in Malaysian is in the middle of supporting the earth hour, i'm here in front of the laptop, updating my blog. Don't get me wrong, i do support earth hour, but our turn here in UK will be at 8.30pm local time (@4.30am Malaysia Time). It was just 5 minutes past 8.30pm Malaysia time, and i received a text from a friend in Malaysia saying people in PJ S9 is in the vibe of supporting The Earth Hour. The pandas must be glad of you guys. And i was hoping that the pandas will be glad of me too. :)

Google pun nak join Earth hour

London Eye during earth hour

Pic taken from

InsyaAllah, save energy and save the pandas. :) ---Lucky pandas!

I received the news from Alan regarding his interview to further his studies which was held last Monday. He said that out of 1000+ MSc applicants under M*ARA scholarship, M*ARA will only pick 250 successful candidates. Alan was a bit worried if his application will be turned down by them. But, the good news is that he is in a secure position since he did have an offer letter from the University while most of other applicants are still waiting for the offer letter or even have not yet applied to any University.

Alan was really keen to continue his studies even though he has graduated with Master of Electrical Engineering(MEng) from the University of Southampton. Why MSc and not PHD since he did graduated with the qualification that is equivalent to MSc? First of all, PHD will take longer time to complete and need other sponsors like local Universities in Malaysia and will be bonded to a certain period of time. While MSc only need a year to complete and with the availability of convertible loan from M*ARA, a distinction could guaranty him 0% payment back to M*ARA. M*ARA has been our favourite and since we both previously attended Mara Junior Science College (MRSM), we know that they will provide the best option in education. The other reason why MSc is because, there will be in depth learning of certain courses that we have not yet learn during MEng. For example, Alan is interested in doing Finance, thus he applied for Engineering with Finance course at King's College. And now he was thinking of applying for the same course at the Imperial College London since he don't want to waste the opportunity and opt to go for better university with higher education ranking. This could lead to an easier path of applying jobs in UK.

Yes darlings, to find a proper job here in UK was terribly difficult. He was turned down by Arup last week and he had applied for 50+ companies, and only had been called for an interview twice. Macam hape. And to find a part-time job was by far more difficult than finding a professional job. Dah apply for ZARA, FCUK, Topman, Topshop, Starbucks, Prada, LV (wow), etc etc. Krispy creme jangan sebut, entah berapa branches dah dia apply. But still, he was keen to stay here and find a proper job. Bukan dia tak nak balik and serve for Malaysia, but opportunity like this, to stay here with 2 years visa especially to find a professional job was hard to find anywhere else. The challenges was far too hard to accept, but that is what he wants. Nothing could change his decision.

Serious pula.
So, how's your weekend so far? Mesti best! :)

Have a nice weekend everyone.


Mama Azlina said...

hi..dah lama tak baca blog nie...rindu akak tak??

reena said...

Dasyatnya London masa Earth Hour.Memang gelap sungguh.Kat KL ni, a few building je yang itu pun macam ala-ala tak ikhlas support Earth Hour.

Pasal ur bf tu, sabarlah ye.Insya Allah ada rezeki punya nanti.Cuma tunggu masa je :)

miralatiff said...

your boyfriend mmg sgt rajin nak further study..mira lepas dah keje ni mmg la sgt malas nak sambung belajar plus dah ade duit sendiri ni lagi la..sile jgn ikut contoh saye yer..

Best nyer aida nak pegi London..last 2 weeks my BIL br pegi London..die belajar kat ke mira dah penah bgtau Aida mira ade BIL belajar kat Ireland..?!

This is my last weekend with hubby and Emir..=(

*ayu* said...

u're right dear...kalau blackout leh layan berejam2.. takkan sejam 'blackout' jap x leh kan?

Ami said...

So Alan went to MARA interview last week yer?insyaAllah ade rezeki dpt.Sempat lagi nak apply to Imperial,last year i applied after MARA's interview la :p
The course is hectic but i believe it suits its reputation.All the best to Alan!

Mrs LVoe said...

dont forget about me dear.

aserap said...

boleh tahn london masa earh hour..
kl pun dasyat jugak..
kat my blog ada gambar dr kl tower masa earth hour