Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Day Gateaway

Ohayou mina-san! (Good Morning semua!) :)

I am actually not feeling very well. Been coughing since yesterday. I think the virus have spread all over places in our house that initially started from one of my housemates which has been sick starting last week. One month holiday is about to start this Friday and i don't want to be sick and to miss any upcoming event or a holiday to somewhere outside UK.

By the way, since i have no classes tomorrow, a day trip to London must be exciting. I've been wanting a light jacket/coat for the spring season. I have one light jacket, red colour which was previously bought 3 years ago. And decided to buy another one (not red for sure!), nautical look jacket probably with white/blue as the base colour with stripes and cute details.

Owh, love-love this one!

Blake Lively wore this in Gossip Girl!

Love the badge detail :)

Blake again. A bit simpler.

Ops, this time it's Serene Van Der Woodsen!
Still, the base is white, but no stripes.

I've seen the look-alike design at Zara Southampton but couldn't find my size. So, for sure it will be my luck if Zara London has it in my size (UK8!) ;p. Plus, i need a pink (like really pink) lipstick, so tomorrow will be perfect!

Sakit-sakit pun nak jalan! :)


Mrs LVoe said...

get well soon dear. dont forget to eat medicine k.

badge tu cun

Ms Coci~ said...


I like the style though..!

JIVEBUMZ said...

salam, bestnye awak study kat oversea ek? amek kos ape yer?

aS_c0mei said...

heheh..harus la kan,sakit-sakit pon nak jugak berjalan.maybe lepas berjalan tu sihat kan....;p

nway,take care ye!sungguh cantik jaket belang-belang itewww.beli tau!ngeee...

reena said...

Get well soon!

I pun dok cari jaket :)

Ami said...

aida,dont worry,london nie byk sgt zara kan?pegi a few ZARA stores kat sini nanti,mesti ade size k!Dah pegi Westfield?i likeyy huhu.

Aida Narina said...

Mrs Lvoe: Thanks darling! I pun suka bagde itu. :)

Ms Coci: Suka juga. :)

Jivebumz: Yes darling, buat MEng Mechanical Engineering. I wanna be an engineer but still can run a small cake shop and a boutique ;p

As_comei: Tuhla hopefully akan baik, tapi skrg i dah start demam and lepas ni mesti selsema and batuk yg teruk :(

Reena: Thanks darling! I jangkit dr u, hehee ;0

Ami: A'ah i pegi westfield yesterday and they have my size. Terasa bocor poket belanja jacket kat zara, tp sekali-sekala kan? Ami selalu pegi westfield eyh?

Ami said...

Hye Aida,owh glad you got it :)
aah selalu jugak to Westfield :)
ok la sebab ade direct bus from rumah to White City,and kalau from college,lagi dekat.Bestnye shopping!!
I have to wait for my next $$$ from M*RA,dgr2 hari tue ade students dpt lmbt,so kene set aside some in case the same thing happen to me hoho.

Aida Narina said...

Hi Ami. IC. Tuhla westfield cam compact tapi ada banyak kedai yang berpotensi. Tapi tgh2 jln ade bau ikan? Disturbing sikit, hehee. Ahhh takutnye dapat scholar lambat. Okay, so kene tggu end of this month baru belanja lagi ;p