Sunday, February 15, 2009

What We Did On the 14th Feb

The night of V. day, we have a small potluck birthday party for one of our friend, Suraya and also to congrats her for completing 4 stages/papers for her ACA exam. She's now currently working with Barclays under their graduate programme. I made sushi fyi and that was my first attempt. Not bad. ;)

The super-yummylicious blueberry cheesecake!

After one tiring night partying, playing Charades and talking till 4 in the morning, we all decided to treat ourselves by going to the cinema. With one Nachos with cheese on one hand and Ben&Jerrys on the other, we choose to watch He's Not That Into You since it was just out on V. day. I'm not so much into that movie, i don't know why maybe there are many actors and actresses in the movie orrrr they paid Ben Effleck too much for such a small role. My-Oh-My.

Later after that, we all went for a walk to Ikea that was just opened on the 12th feb.

All in all, i enjoyed the time i spent with girlfriends. They are sure the friends to be missed! :)


reena said...

Tak best eh that movie? I don't like the poster.Gila pemalas designer poster tu.

sweetgaldreamz said...

cmne ko kai tdg ni erjk...??
ajar la!!!

Aida Narina said...

Reena: betul2 camtu kita pon bole edit sendiri and get paid..hehee. Not bad la, i think it's a bit romantic but to me it's not funny.

sweetgaldreamz: hanaa..try and error je. Practise2 je babe and sure ull get used to it later. :)

Mrs Taj said...

my scarlet johanson!!!!!!!

p/s 1st time me dgr that movie, mybe kat msia takde lg kot..hurmm atau me yg ketinggalan?

Aida Narina said...

Mrs Taj: I pun xure dah klr kat Msia or not. Better check. Tapi scarlet was damn hot as usual ;p