Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ireland Trip: Day 2,3 and 4

This is the second part of the first entry for my trip to Ireland last month. :)

Second day we continue our journey to Dublin City to meet a friend, Fadhli which currently studying at RCSI, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland. Nice to meet you Fadhli and I had fun playing Guitar Hero at your room. :)

I think i'll let the pictures tell you the stories.

In front of the famous RCSI

Glid sedang tunjuk "Itu Wan Azizah, belajar kat sini dulu".

Playing around RCSI :)

Yup, Medic students do fool around, often! ;p

Treat for the day, Ireland Bestest Hot Chocolate from Butlers!

Yummie! ^_^

Dublin City Centre. Fyi, for all the 4 seasons, Dublin akan hujan! Tidak seronok! ;p

Hard Rock Cafe.

The Dublin Spire.

Night view. Full of Woman wearing high heels and Man watching them walking! ;p

Sudah lupa nama castle ini!

Our car!

Our next stop on third day, Galway!!

Cliff of Moher.

The view, isn't it beautiful?

Me with my darling, K-run! :)

We are heading home!

I had a great time!!! But, i'm not planning to visit Ireland again just for the time being eventhough the sceneries are sooo beautiful! It was because pounds are now equal to Euros while before this a pound equal to 1.5 Euros. I spent almost 300pounds, while my last visit to Spain only costs me around 200pounds. So, next stop? Easter Holiday will be in abt 4 weeks time. Greece will be hot by then, and i can go mandi-mandi..hehee ;pp. But, it will sure cost me a lot sebab i'll be using Euros too! Haih :)


ynaZ said...

thanks aida.. i link you too..

Anonymous said...

sejak bila plk wan azizah kawen ngn mahathir nihh?? konpius2..

uptown said...

thanks 4 da blog..

Link u 2..add at my blog follower as my member..i like ur 2dung..


reena said...

Jelesnyaaaa tgk u jln2! Huhu.

Dulu i ada kwn study kt Ireland tp dh blk M'sia pun dh hbs study.Ambil medic gak kw i tu.

Aida Narina said...

Ynaz: ^_^

Anon: Ha-ha my mistake! ;P

Uptown: It's the oblong scarf from Tie Rack darling. Visit la my sales blog then u can have one for yourself. Later ill show you how to wear it :)

Reena: Reena u datangla siniii.. Airasia certain time bole dpt RM1500 je then tmpt tinggal u xyah risau. But no worries as i akan ade disini 3/4 years lagi.

luvlyziha said...

aida sya da add awak tau

Ms Coci~ said...

Link to u too=p U stadi kt RCSI ke?

Aida Narina said...

Ms Coci~: I xstudy kat RCSI, tapi pegi visit kawan and jalan2 kat Ireland. Owh RCSI gempak! ;p

Anon: Pelik mana hilang msg kamu. Btw, we all survey dulu if the food is halal or not. Most of the restaurants we've been to, dah tau dah dari awal2 mmg halal,confirm. Even franchise restaurants such as Nandos and Subway pun ada yang halal, with the sign halal ofcors. Tapi kene pandai bertanya, kalau tak sesat jalan ;pp
Dgr crite Mcd halal will be open very soon. Isn't it great?

l y n n a s h a a r i said...

hai aida..comeyy gler tie rack scarf u juall.cume yg berkenan dah dirembat owg..btw nice to meet u ;)

Anonymous said...

okay thanks for xde blog..jd pemerhati n pembaca saje..hehe.
cm best tgk org melancong sana cni..
sy affirm akan tour europe in the very near future! :) amin..

Tya ilyana said...

ouh how i miss DUBLIN and of coz IRELAND..cliff of moher sgt best ryte

Aida Narina said...

lynnashaari: Thnks for visiting my blog and sales blog :). Tuhla most of the scarves dah sold out, tp we maybe will update more in few days time. I'll let you knw bila dh update k?;p

Anon: Tuhla, saya pn rezeki jugak, if ikut kemampuan family mmg xmampu. Tp rugi jugak sbb i missed out many events that happened back in Msia, such as my friends weddings and family gathering. Huhuu. Nnt kamu dh ada blog, do invite me kay? :)

Tya: Tya, whats up darling? :). Uve been to dublin kan? Cantik sgt sceneries nya, mesti u suka sbb u can take like tons of beautiful pictures.

l y n n a s h a a r i said...

aida..sure..u can linked me..& wanna link u too ;)

Mrs Taj said...

bestnya dapat minum hot choc time sejuk!!

the views are soo dang beautiful la girl!

Aida Narina said...

Lynna: Thanks :)
Mrs Taj: Kannn? Me too, i like it very much.

mEiZ AraNda said...

hye aida..;p
so u are medic student?
kazen i kat ireland now...medic juga...;)

i think da final year nie..;)

Aida Narina said...

Hye Aranda! Act i'm not a Medical student. So far, i've done a post-mortem to the chickens. ;p. I buat Mechanical Eng and have been to Ireland last month for a road trip. Yeke ur cousin kat ireland. Nama-nama? Mana tau i kenal :)

miralatiff said...

Aida..I really admire all the pictures!! Credit to the beautiful scenery!! sangat cantik!! my BIL study kat Dublin..baru jer pegi last betul jadi student ni boleh jalan2..

Aida Narina said...

Mira: U've been there too! Cantikkan. Mmg nak pergi lagi, tp masa dah ade anak. Heheee. Tuhla, i'm sure that i'll be missing my life as a student. Lepak dan chill je. Huhu

along said...

this is so gonna be late but i just had to comment!

am loving the fish eye effects on the pictures taken!!


Aida Narina said...

Hi Along :)
Kannn? Love it too. Credit to a friend that owns the camera. I rasa nak guna camera and lenses cmni kene minat and the patient+passion to learn. I malasss sbb kene bc manual whtsoever. Kalau ade private clss ngan saiful nang i nak. hehehe ;p