Thursday, February 05, 2009

Ireland trip: Day 1

Lately dah jarang2 saya update blog. Maybe kebuntuan idea or i've been somewhere else and kekurangan availability internet dan computer. By the way, I finally arrived in Southampton from Dublin International Airport on Wednesday instead on Monday due to heavy snow in London (my flight is delayed for 1hour 15mins). As soon as i arrived at Heathrow Airport, i took the tube to central London and the tube barely moved in between stops. Siap kluaq api-api cam fireworks tu. Sampai je central London, it was to late to take another tube to Alan bro's house as it was already half past midnight. Ape lagi, saya main snow sambil tangkap gamba!

Day 1, after 1 hour 30mins flight, i arrived at Belfast City Airport around 11 am. My friends from Moscow, Russia; Krun, Lutfi, Aizat, Glid/Gdong and Faiz have been waiting for me since they arrived early. Actually, I knew Krun since i was in MJSC Jasin and we are close ever since then. But, that was the first time i met the guys and it was nice making new friends. After a late breakfast, we headed to Belfast castle and then to Giant's Causeway (we spent almost 5hours here!). The sceneries was awesome, sangat cantek!

Taken from here, The Giant's Causeway, is actually renowned for its polygonal columns of layered basalt, and the only World Heritage Site in Northern Ireland. The columns are the result of the volcanic eruption 60 million years ago and lead to an outstanding natural beauty, attracted visitors for centuries.

Unique polygonal columns. Suhanallah!

Pizza for dinner.

Belfast City Centre.


Nadia Dzai said...

i found u here ;) nice vaccay aida! nice pictures!

ekha@bella said...

hi..slm kenalan ye..sonoknye dpt g ireland. ble la I dpt rse ni.. :D

Aida Narina said...

Nadia dzai: Thanks darling. U too selamat bertunang! :)

Ekha@bella: Nice knowing u too. InsyaAllah ade rezeki u mesti dpt rs jugak :)