Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Confessions of a workaholic?

Hi Ladies..

I can't wait anymore!!
Me and my shopaholic girls are going out tomorrow for a movie night..
Again? Yup, after not satisfied watching He's just not that into u! :)

Isla Fisher is such a darl! :)

By just watching the preview, i absolutely agree with Sophie Kinsella's comment on how Isla Fisher succesfully brings out Becky Bloomwood's character to real life! Don't ya?

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

And..the one i like the most! Take 5 :)

I should get back to reading the book, "Confessions of a Shopaholic" again just to get everything freshen up! I'm halfway through and after a good night sleep, off we goooo! :)

p/s: Jom kawan-kawan blog readers semua. Lepas balik kelas, balik kerja, stret pegi tengok movie! :)


Omg! The movie was hilarious, very the funny, Isla Fisher is the best as well as Hugh Dancy. He's so charming btw. Charming Luke Brandon. I have no further comment to say other than i enjoyed the movie so much and i think i'll probably going to watch it again next week! ;0

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Nite-nite darling! ^_^


aS_c0mei said...

waahhh..bestnye!!!nak nengok jugaakkk....*jeles*

reena said...

Tak sabar nak tengok! Tengok trailer pun dah tergelak tak hengat.

Tapi i cam kureng suka dgn wardrobe Becky dlm movie ni? Mcm OTT.

ynaZ said...

wahh.. u dah tgk cter ni.. kat cni x kua lg.. besh nyer..

Aida Narina said...

as_comei: darling, its a must to watch this movie! Its like watching Sex and the city the movie, but this was far better since i laughed a lot in the cinema! :)
reena: i think Becky a bit girlish dalam movie ni, but i knw everyone will like her, seriously she's like a drama queen with over the top spender! hehehe ;pp
ynza: Thanks for visiting my blog honey. Your time will come and surely ull enjoy the movie!!

Mrs Taj said...

waahhh jelesnya!! me baru je nk beli that book! tak aci..kena pegi dapatkan nya skang jugak!!!!!!!

Aida Narina said...

Mrs Taj: Yeke, u havent read the book eyh? I rasa better u baca, then br tgk movie, lagi best :)

miralatiff said...

best nyer!! siap dpt freebiess lagi..x sabar plak mira nak tgk..=)

Aida Narina said...

Mira: U shld go and watch. I dah tgk 2 kali, hehee. After dapat your precious little one, its your turn to
pamper urself pula :)

Nurulizzaty said...

ow tak pnh bace Kinsella's novels... :(
but will surely watch the movie! :D

(i think i've hopped on ur blog few months ago, and this is the 1st time after that, me loves being here heeee :)

bitsANDpieces said...

OMG..mahal eh ticket nye.. if kat sini sure dah masok premier class day..hehe...

im going to watch the movie soon..!