Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The thing i like Best about holiday

Week two of holiday, was the most exciting part of the three weeks holiday. I spent the first 3 days shopping. Crazy isn't it? 3 days of 5 hours shopping back-to-back. Fuhhhh! More back pain, and more money being spent. But, i'm satisfied with everything i've bought and mostly are on 50-70% sale. =)

For the last three years since i came here, i did not missed any of the boxing days. 26th Dec was the most awaiting day during Christmas holiday. I have been to most of the factory outlets in UK on boxing day (sometimes the day after boxing day which is on the 27th, as no public transports operate on the 26th) as there are greater price slashes. But this year as i have a plan on the 26th (which i will share on my next post), thus i opt to spend ber'boxing' at High Street Southampton, with the availability of stores such as Zara, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, FCUK, River Island, La Senza etc etc.

I got these on my 3 days of 5 hours shopping before Christmas:

A pink quilted handbag from River Island, a light pink coat from Zara, 2 pairs of shoes from Clarks, accessories from Asos and Aldo, 2 tops from Warehouse.

Cantik kan beg ini? Saya suka. Tak dapat chanel, River island pon jadila *grin*. But, in Pink! Bwahaahaa! Lagi la suka!

And i got these on the 27th Dec (the day after boxing day):

Books from Waterstone, knitwears from zara, black trouser and black top (corset like) from Miss Selfridge anddddd...bank with less money =p

Recession, recession juga! Shopping, shopping juga! =)

This would be my no 2 on how i spend my 5-1-3.9-1pounds, i must say ;p

With my new jacket. It is S size, and i felt it looked big on me. Or is it just me looking b.i.g. and blushing-blushing pula ;)

For those interested to know more about Boxing day! =)

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reena said...

Amboiiiii shopping sakan naaaa.Hehe.

U tak nak ke beli pastu jual online? Mesti ada je yang nak beli :)