Friday, January 02, 2009

Syup,syup, syup!

Hello everybody!=)

3 weeks have passed and in another 2 days ill be at the lecture theater, again listening to lectures and asking and pushing myself to the library to prepare for the 4 papers exam starting on the 19th jan. Thank God i only left with 1 coursework and all the spare time can be use to S-T-U-D-Y.

Okay lets just forget about all the pressures and tensions of being a student! Guess what, I had a great winter break!!

First week of holiday was way out of the word fun. Not fun at all (at first!). To be precise, i felt pain all over my body. To those who read my previous-previous posts, i knew you knew that i worked at the Royal Mail office, sorting letters and packets from 2pm till 10pm(8 hours). I have worked for total of 88.6 hours (0.6 is for the late hour i came to work!) altogether. And last week, i've been paid for all my hard work. It seems like all the pain has gone releasing the 5-1-3.9-1 pounds in total for me to spend. Ha-ha! I am a happy!=)

So, for this post, and the posts to come, i would like to write about How i spent my 5-1-3.9-1 pounds..Yela with all the hard work, spending would be the only way for me to express my happiness. Money-money-money..(cuba nyanyikan lagu The Apprentice!)

1. I went ice-skating at the City Centre with my batch (girls only). It was pwetty amazing, for 6.50pounds i managed to skate for 1 hour without falling even once. I can call myself as good at ice-skating (Boo-hooo!) since i have skated many times on ice and with roller-blade on.

Then we headed to the Weihnachtsmarkt market - German Christmas Market located right in front of the West Quay Shopping Complex for the nastiest Cheese and Garlic bread! Nasty gile! ^_^


Candy cane and cotton sugar!! I want!

Sheer and Nadia.

So people, that's the first point on how i spent my 5-1-3.9-1!! =)


reena said...

Candy & cotton sugar! Yummy!

Apa yg dlm pic last tu? Roti ka?

Aida Narina said...

aihhh..gara2 mkn bnyk candy cotton, i sakit gigi for the past 3 days! ;p
yang dlm pic last tu sorts of garlic bread tau reena, but they put extra cheese on top. haihhh..heaven gile makan..

Cik Pika said...

another ice-skating story comes fr somebody in Europe. jealous aku. heh.

at first, i tot in a sense roller-blading will help with jz general ice-skating, tapi ramai ckp ice-skating lagi susah.

cancel la try. aku ade experience tgn patah jatuh rollerblade. hehee.

Aida Narina said...

cik pika, aku tunggu kau datang ni, dah berbulu da...hahaha! (ni gara2 post kau okay! tak tahan gelak).

btw, ice-skating aku reti jalan je, break xreti. slalu aku dah stret, tros langgar dinding hehehe ;pp