Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm off to Republic of Ireland!

It has been 3 days since my last paper for my winter exam. Puas hati sangat since i studied hard for 4 papers. Even i am confidence that i'll do well on all of the exams especially the last one! Thanks to a friend that helped me a lot, spending time with me in the library, revising and doing past papers. =)

Btw, i'm off to Ireland tomorrow. My flight will depart from Southampton airport and will land at Belfast City airport, which i'll then meet up my friends that come all the way from Russia. From there, we'll rent a car and drive to Dublin and will stay over for 4 days (till Sunday). I'm hoping for a great trip to a place i've never been before. InsyaAllah..

So, ill update later in 4 days time with exciting stories to share. ^_^

p/s: A have a GREAT news to all of u people out there. Wait for my next post!


reena said...

U kena tag lagi!

Ninie said...

hi dear..tq yer dtg jenguk my blog...btw, ur sales blog link apa yer?