Monday, January 12, 2009


It was 8pm when i decided to have a quick dinner with some curly lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and salmon with some salad dressings. As i entered the kitchen, i recognized a very familiar smell, a smell so nice that i wished it was already 12 midnight.

As the clock strikes 12, i was startled with someone knocking on my door. It was my buna, one of my housemates saying that she wanted to borrow some stuff from me. With a slow, sleepy voice, i replied "Iye, nak ape?I tidurrrrr" ---baik punya suara baru bangun tido, walhal tak tidur lansung. ;p

Seriously, that was an old suprise-wishing birthday-tactic they were doing, and i said, "Tak mau la bukak. I nak tidurrrr (again with a sleepy voice)". Hahaaa.. and they went crazy, after a while they are knocking on my room door, i decided to open it.

Supriseeeeeeeee! They surprised me with a swirl cake made from scratch (which was so impressive, and sodap!) and written on it, "17th (+7)" which is true! I am 17th, and after 7 years i'm still 17th. Thank you to my housemates; Buna, Sheera and Maya. I am really thankful! The cake was marvelous and we managed to finish 3/4 of the cake at one go kan? ;)

As for now, there will be no parties/celebrations as exams are just around the corner. Probably there is (la kan kawan-kawan kan?) sometime after exam which is from 29th Jan onwards.

But, since i have no classes for tomorrow and wednesday PLUS i've been good to myself, studying till late at night, i decided to go to London today at around 6.30pm by bus and have a date with my boyfriend. He's now staying at his brother's house near Bayswater area, London for the mean time while still searching for a job. It's a one night trip and can't wait to see him ;).

Before that, i want to acknowledge friends, families and siblings for all the warm 24th Birthday wishes. Terima kasih semua. I can't put my appreciations into words as there are no words can describe how grateful i am. For being a friend, a daughter, a sister and most of all, for being me, Aida Narina Abdul Ghaffar!

Love you guys to the Max!

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