Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Birthday blast!

"If i could choose my happiest times
and make them last forever,
The moments that would never end
are those we spend together.

With all my love on your birthday.

I arrived safe and sound last night by bus. As soon as i arrived at the bus stop near the Southampton University, i headed home walking alone. Sobs. I hate being far from everybody that i love! I can accept being far from family. It has been 3 and half years now, and i am a phone call away from home. All i have to do is just dial the phone and straight away i can hear mum's and grandma's voices whenever i want at 2pence per minute. I talked hours on the phone, and everytime before i hang up the phone, mummy will say "i love u" to me. That could break me into tears! And again, i hate being far from family, home.

And the same goes to the love of my life. He's just 2 hours away from me, and i find it hard to be that close, but he is not here, helping me with my daily routines, comfort me whenever i'm sad when certain things go wrong, etc etc. Yelah, before this he lived just 5 minutes away from my house. It was pretty much easy for me back then, as he is the only one i turned to. I don't share my emotions easily with someone else. I thought most of my friends are my good friends, but none of them are my best friends. I am not particular in choosing friends, but lets just say that it hurt so much to have best friends that always turned u down. Okay, emotional sikit. Maybe hormone nak exam ;)

Enjoy the pictures,

Lunch at Wagamama

On the tube

Birthday dinner at Tinseltown Farringdon

Introducing the Birthday Girl! =p

Mixed Grill (Ribs, Chicken wings, Steaks, Chicken Fillets) with two side dishes.

The best shakes in town - Mine, The Shake-Father! (Ferrero Rocher)

VIP 6 - Oreo cookies, peanut butter topped with whipped cream chocolate sauce and flake.


Birthday pressie. I love.

And juicy couture charm. I love too! =)

Okay must get back to reading. First paper will be in 5 days time.


Cik Pika said...

suke plak tgk organizer tu. cantekkkk. pandai plak alan pilih. most guys tak reti pilih,unless kite bg hint. hehe.

Aida Narina said...

hahaha..juicy couture tu ade bnyk hint. tapi sbb juicy couture tu dpt awl, organizer tu dpt masa bday dinner. organizer tu aku ade plan nak beli, tp postpone2 sbb xde budget. skli dapattttt..yeayyyy =)

reena said...

Organizer tu yang paling cantik i pernah tengok okay? Cun gila siott!

And the food..AAaaaaaaa...Tak tau nak cakap apa coz nampak sedap gila.Hehe.

Btw, u kena tag :p

Anonymous said...

tumpang tya..all the foods i mean meat n chicken..byk ke kedai halal kt sana? u all mmg pg kedai muslim ke belasah je makan?thnks for sharing