Saturday, December 06, 2008

Raya with the family part II

This is the second part of the previous Raya post. =)

Second day of Raya

On the second day of raya, i can't barely move since i gained extra kilos due to eating cookies, ketupat, rendang, sambal udang and all sorts of raya dishes. Terbungkang je depan tv. So, me and my sister cam-whoring a little bit!



Dayah nak jugakk! ^_^

Sopan sikit ~_^

Notice tak my baju kurung was the same design as my mum! We actually planned to wear it on the first day of raya. But, as i realized that i am no longer 6, i changed! I love the colour, tho.

Third day of raya

One of our raya routine is to have a BBQ at grandma's house. It's a must and cousins are all in actions! I enjoyed this part so much as i'm able to have good times with all my relatives. I treat aunts and uncles like my parents and cousins just like my siblings. =)

Adi: Im sweating like shit la kak!
Ijam(in the brown shirt): We are on fire bebeh!

Portable barbeque for 4 generations now!

I'm making coleslaw ^_^

Cousinku yang jakun sejak dulu!


It's me being the photographer.

I wanna kill u!

I'll kill u first! *_*


Alan came all the way from S. Alam to meet my family! Kuang,kuang,kuanggg. My grandma told one of my cousins that she likes alan so much. Kuang, kuang, kuang againnn..

Picture below taken while we were out to Padang Pahlawan.

I'm on the Tamingsari ride near Padang Pahlawan, Melaka =)
Cool gell, kene naik, serious, janji!

p/s: I wanna take this opportunity to wish Hana, Happy 23rd Birthday! Nanti Pika belanja on my behalf ^_^


reena said...

Oh BBQ masa raya mmg best gila! Tambahan plak ada cousins yg gila2.Lagilah happening.Hehe.Honestly i jeles kt u coz ada cousins yg crazy! Haha.My cousins sume kecik2 laa.Huhu.

sweetgaldreamz said...

thanx aida for the wishes...
pika belanja on ur behalf??
kelaka la u ol ni

*ayu* said...

terbaik la BBQ kipas ngan tutip periuk!

Aida Narina said...

reena: yeke reena? Takpe, BBQ ngan kawan2 pn best jugak. Aida mls nk organize, tp tlg2 boleylah =)

sweetgaldreamz: np hana! i hope u r enjoying yourself being 23! I'll be 24 this jan and acting like i was still 19! hehee

ayu: tuhla ayu. so the jimat kan?