Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Kawanku Sayang!

Yippie!! Today is the Birthday of this lucky girl that i've known for 1o years!!

Siti Rafiqah Ramli
(In the Pink kurung, not the blue shirt ^_^)

U've been such a great friend now and then.
You are a sweet-talker, everybody loves you!
You have this tiny, low pitch voice, but with big heart.

You always helped me with almost everything.
Being a postgirl to the guy that was interested at me, achehhh..
You lend your shoulder for me to cry on...

I remembered back then when we were just form 3, i slept at your room and we chat for hours about what we'll turn to in the future, who will be our husband and so on.
I missed those great times i had with you.
And, i can firmly say that you are the oldest, closest friend i've had so far!!

Hope u'll have a great 23rd birthday celebration, without me..sobbbbs!


Pika said...

waaaaaaaaaaa thanks Aida Narina aka Odak.
Ai rase terharu.


Love u much. Muahhhhhssssss!

*ayu* said...

happy belated pika!

p/s: odak?

Aida Narina said...

pika: love u too pika!!

hadiah birthday postpone dulu, nnt ade la pakcik posmen ketuk pintu rumah for the special delivery ;)

ayu: hahaa..itu nama panggilan pika panggil saya ayu. dah lupe kenapa, tapi die rasa i resemble one of her friend back in primary school =)