Thursday, December 04, 2008

Buruh Kasar at Work

I'm official buruh kasar working at Royal Mail Southampton Airport as Christmas Casual worker for 3 weeks...starting yesterday. Since holiday is next week, and i don't have that much classes in the afternoon, thus i offer myself a working shift from 2pm until 10pm. My work seems easy as A-B-C as i need to sort packages in karung guni which have been signed to different areas in London. Later after that, Royal Mail lorries will come and collect them to be deliver to London. Macam senang kan? *_*

That's the easy part. The wth part is when i had to stand-up 8 hours (minus 30mins break) straight sorting packages, push the 100kgs york (i really felt it was like 500kgs!) with sorted packages to the check-point where later someone will take them into the lorries, throwing all sorts of packages into the particular sacks according to postcodes (can practise shooting skill!) and the shittiest part is wearing the yellow-striking vest which do glow in the dark and white gloves even though electric heaters are everywhere!! Haihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........

And now, while writting this post, my legs hurt like crazy, i just finished 2 plates of mushroom soup pasta and need to sleep early since i have an early class tommorow. Dangggggggg! *_* (Tired eyes)....Sangapppppp

p/s: I know, i've been tagged twice but will surely do it later okay hunny-bun Hana =)..

p/ss: Will also continue the Raya updates maybe on weekend. Will upload more pictures for viewing =)..

p/sss: Gudnyte kawan-kawan, tidur dulu. Take care and enjoy ur weekenddddd! ^_^

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*ayu* said...

aida.. u kena rendam kaki dalam air garam la yang.. if not tkt u x tahan nanti..
rendam dalam sikit.. up to knee maybe..
take care aite?