Sunday, November 30, 2008

Raya with the family

After browsing through last Raya pictures, i realised i haven't put up any of the pictures for public viewing. I guess, i might have been busy watching all the movies aired on the tv, or munching the semperit (semprit?) during raya. ^_^

Malam Raya

Malam raya was the most awaiting part of hari raya period. Cousins, aunts, uncles are all gathered at grandma's house in Melaka usually 2 days before raya just to get-together and gossiping about each other. The best part for me is playing around with the firecrackers even though it is illegal with all the lovely cousins. Hah!

Adi is busy with the cookies

Adik ammar =)

Kegilaan di malam raya

Decorating our small house


Dibawah adalah gaya-gaya sakan bermain mercun!

See how happy my cousins are? But, unfortunately i couldn't upload pictures with me in it since i don't wear my hijab. ^_*

First day Raya

Raya this year was the first after 3 years celebrating it far from family. I woke up as early as i could to prepare myself before aunts and uncles arrived at Grandma's house. It was my family tradition to ask forgiveness after subuh prayer and i absolutely didn't' want to be the last one to turn up ^_^. Right away after performing raya prayer, we headed to the graveyard and then we visit the relatives that live near to Grandma's house.

Plis forgip me maaa..


What are you looking for azhad =p

Loved and missed daddy

The family!

Paklong with Syirah and Tihani

Kontroversi disitu ^_*

Sudah besar-besar cousin lelaki ku.
We used to play football together when i was in primary school
since i don't have that many female cousins.

Pose istimewa ^_^

Sedondon, Kak Hasni with her daughter, Syirah.

Adikku bermanja-manja dengan Insyirah ^_^

Emmm..banyak yeh gamba telah ku upload. Will continue in a bit. Will upload moreeee pictures ^_^


Pika said...

cool gile korg main mercun tu.
lagi-lagi yang pakai helmet.
smart. hehe.

*ayu* said...

i love ur pose istimewa..
u can use dat pic next year for ur special eidulfitri greetings, dear..

oh btw, got ur parcel already.. tq very very much.. hw sweet of u..
and i love it!!!!!! terus pakai okeh..

i will post the entry soon.. say, tomorrow?

Mama Azlina said...

hi..salam berkenalan..
comel la aida nie..putih ikhlas ok!!
yr mom looks like chinese..tapi org melaka mmg putih-putih from negeri sembilan...actually my dad org nogori!!

Aida Narina said...

pika: cool kan.budak2 tu bukan tau bahaya ke x.nasib baik nenek aku tatau kann!

ayu: hehee..malu saya! pagi tu je aida make-up tebal sikit tuh yang teristimewa *_~. aida dh rambang mata masa pilih, but i pick the most cuteness utk ayu.hope u like it. =)

mama azlina: hai kak azlina, aihhh malu saya lagi kali kedua.mak saye kate dulu die suke minum air batu campur, tu yg putih kot ^_^. nice knowing u!

reena said...

Cool gila pics ok especially yg main mercun tu.Sempoi!

Cool lah ur cousins.Kem salam kat diorang blh? Hehe.

Aida Narina said...

hehee..illegal tuh reena, tp happening kannnn? cousin2 ku sume xbetol, nnt diorg naik minyak kalau tau reena kem slm, hehehe. baek =)