Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's your birthday!!!

Happy 23rd birthday alan dear!!!
*big grin*


It seems like the birthday boy didn't had much fun on his birthday...

The night before his birthday, I cooked his favorite seafood spaghetti, but it turns out to be not as the same tastes as it had always been. I baked him oreo cheesecake from scratch, but he wished to blow the candles on the next day together with his friends. I wished him 'happy birthday' when the clock strikes 12 am but I still haven't bought him a present. Haih..what a birthday eyh dear?

So, i waited till the next day and celebrated his birthday at his friend's house, Abe.

Look how yummylicious the cake he is!

Before we went to Abe's house

Happy 23rd birthday my sweetie-pie!

Btw, his friends cooked seafood carbonara, grilled chicken and lamb ribs! Best gell. Nvm, as long as he is happy, i'm happy toooooo... ^_^


aS_c0mei said...

happy 23rd beday to alan too!!..:D

nak kek jugak....;p

Pika said...

eh aritu rase dah wish.

happy bday alan!!! (",)

* ayu * said...

happy 23rd alan!
have a blast!

Aida Narina said...

as_comei, pika, ayu: from alan --->thank u so much! =) Kalau nk pos kek utk each of u guys boleh smpi ke sblm ianya hancur di tgh jln ^_^

miralatiff said...

the cake looks yummy!! nak sikit...

sweetgaldreamz said...

terliur tgk kek tuh wpon dlm pic jer...ase xde kt malaysia kot.hehhee

Aida Narina said...

mira: later ill post on the recipe so u can try. sedappppp kalah secret recipe new york cheesecake..hehee!

hana: hana nnt try la, buat untuk someone special. im sure they'd like it ^_^